Biography of Melanie C and Music Career

Published At: 18 January 2021 , 01:36 PM

Biography of Melanie C

Singer Melanie C is a member of the Spice Girls, who managed to become famous after the group broke up. More than a dozen of her singles in different years topped the top of the UK, which makes Melanie C an iconic performer of this country along with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The debut album "Northern Star" has sold 4 million copies worldwide and became the most successful solo album of the former Spice Girls.

Childhood and youth

Melanie Jane Chisholm was born on January 12, 1974, in Whiston, UK. The only child in the family of Alan Chisholm and Joan O'Neill. The parents separated when their daughter was 4.5 years old.

Melanie C in her youth

After a family split, Melanie and her mother moved to Widnes, Cheshire. Here the girl attended Brookvale Junior School, then Fairfield High School. The British combined lessons with dancing, singing, and theater.

Developing her creative skills came in handy - as a college student, Melanie responded to an ad in The Stage magazine looking for "girls aged 18 to 23 who can sing and dance, are beautiful, hardworking, honest." For the sake of a singing career in the Spice Girls, Melanie even dropped out of school.


In 1994, the Spice Girls was formed - a bright group whose members were still children: the oldest, Jeri Halliwell, was barely 22 years old, Victoria Adams, who is now known as Victoria Beckham, celebrated her 21st birthday, Melanie Chisholm - 20th, Melanie Brown is 19th. The youngest was Michelle Stevenson, who was 17 years old. All of the singers had pseudonyms, and Chisholm became Sporty Spice.

Melanie C and the Spice Girls

Melanie, by the way, was chosen not only because of her vocal abilities: Liane Morgan, who was supposed to take the place, was refused because she looked too old compared to the others.

Initially, the girls signed to Heart Management, but in 1995 they moved under the wing of Virgin. The debut album "Spice" (1996) blew up the world, reaching # 1 in 17 countries, becoming multi-platinum in 27 countries. Listeners have sold over 30 million records, making "Spice" the best-selling album in girl group history. The success was promoted by the charging and known to every music lover track "Wannabe", which was leading in 37 countries.

Spice Girls - Wannabe

The second album "Spiceworld" (1997) repeated the commercial success of its predecessor, selling 20 million copies. At the same time, a documentary film about the group "Spiceworld: The Movie" was released, which grossed $ 100 million worldwide.

Jeri Halliwell left the Spice Girls in May 1998. Melanie Chisholm's biography also saw a sharp turn - her solo track "When You're Gone", recorded with Brian Adams, burst into the top 3 in the UK. The song charted for 15 weeks and went platinum.

In 1999, the British signed a contract with Virgin and released Northern Star in the summer of the same year. The album rose to the top 4 in the UK, went platinum three times, and sold 4 million copies. For advertising purposes, Melanie C went on the From Liverpool to Leicester Square tour, giving 14 concerts in Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe.