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Lana Del Rey is an American singer who won the love of listeners with biographical songs with a dark aesthetic. Bribing sincerity is intertwined with obscene vocabulary and light energy - with daring sexuality. Her "cinematic" music is difficult to drive into the genre framework, and surely everyone will find something of their own in it. Music critics have compared her voice to those of China Forbes, Nancy Sinatra, and Ambrosia Parsley. Thanks to such comparisons, the singer began to call her work "Hollywood sadcore", while she defined herself as "the gangster version of Nancy Sinatra." 


Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was born on June 21, 1985, in a wealthy family from New York. Her father, Robert Grand Jr. (born 1954), made his fortune in the 90s by investing first in real estate, then in Internet infrastructure. In 1982, while still a simple employee of the Gray Group advertising agency, he proposed to the assistant accountant Patricia Hill, whom he met on the set of another commercial. Lana Del Rey as a child (pictured: left, with her brother and sister) Shortly after the birth of Lizzie, the family moved to Patricia's homeland, to the village of Lake Placid, where the 1980 Olympic Games were held. There she had a younger sister, Carolyn (born 1989), and brother Charlie (born 1993). Lana Del Rey (then still Elizabeth Grand) in her school years Elizabeth attended St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School and sang in her spare time in the hork church across the street. The singer admitted that although she does not share the traditional concept of God for Catholics, she likes the idea of ​​some kind of higher reason and purpose. The girl wrote her first song at the age of 11. “It was called China Palace and was about being a princess,” the singer recalled. At school, most of the time the girl looked out the window and dreamed of being somewhere else. This continued until at the age of 15 Elizabeth began lessons in philosophy, where she found a whole class of like-minded people who also asked the question: "Why are we here?" At the same time, she discovered alcohol and quickly became addicted to new entertainment. She talks about these dark days in the song "Born to Die". Frightened parents sent her to a closed boarding school in Connecticut, and until her 18th birthday, the girl did not drink a single drop of alcohol. 


Returning to New York after graduation, Lizzie became a student in the Department of Metaphysics at Fordham University. She spent her free time volunteering: she helped the homeless, alcohol and drug-addicted people, went to Indian reservations, where she built and renovated houses. In parallel, she performed in nightclubs: Laila Lounge, Galapagos, The Living Room. Lana Del Rey in her youth At first, her artistic name was May Jailer; under him in 2005 she recorded the album "Young Like Me" and the acoustic album "Sirens". The aspiring singer drew inspiration from the music of the sixties. The songs of those years did not have a dark sound, but, on the contrary, were light and airy, in the best traditions of folk music.


In January 2010, the album "Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant" was released. The release took place without much attention from the audience, so the singer decided to terminate the contract and try to unwind on her own. In 2011, she released a self-made video collage video for the song "Video games", recorded with the help of composer Justin Parker, in which she talked about the routine and unhappy relationship with her boyfriend. Lana Del Rey - Video Games Video is not working? How to survive in a communal apartment: 7 basic rules The video received hundreds of thousands of views, and the presenter of the "Live Lounge" program on the radio put the song on the air, after which representatives of the Interscope label drew attention to Elizabeth. At the end of 2011, the singer presented the single "Born to Die", anticipating the release of the album of the same name, which took the fifth position among the best-selling albums of the year (and the singer herself was in the top 3 most popular singers in America). Critics called it a link between modern hip-hop culture and classical pop music, equipped with jazz elements.