Biography of Irina Patlakh and Music Career

Published At: 22 January 2021 , 06:57 PM

Biography of Irina Patlakh

December 5, 2020, in the next issue of the program "You Won't Believe!" on NTV, the death of Nina Ivanova, and the state of health of Larisa Golubkina and Yevgeny Petrosyan, and the militia of show business stars against Sergei Shnurov were discussed. At the very end of the show, it turned out that joyful changes had come in Soso Pavliashvili's personal life - the singer finally got married to his common-law wife Irina Patlakh. The lovers took this step for more than two decades.

Childhood and youth

On September 5, 1980, the first-born daughter, Ira, was born in the Moscow family of Larisa and Boris Patlakh, which belongs to the Jewish nationality. After 9 years, on July 8, 1989, the youngest son Daniil Patlakh came to this world. The father was engaged in business, and the children embarked on a creative path.

Irina Patlakh and brother Daniel Patlakh / " Instagram "

When the girl was only 16 years old, she met the love of her life - the popular singer Soso Pavliashvili. In 1996, the schoolgirl attended a theater group at the capital's Palace of Pioneers, where the man had his own recording studio.

It is known that later the girl received higher psychological education, but she did not work for a day in her chosen specialty. The chosen one of the celebrities has a warm relationship with her parents, whose photos often appear on her Instagram page, and her brother, who is actively involved in the upbringing of nieces.

In 2013, the latter organized the Dark Horse Crew dance group, and in the winter of 2014, he co-founded the art group and creative agency Time Melts. In 2020, the young talented artist decided to try his hand at the last season of the Dancing project on TNT, immediately conquering the mentors and sinking into the soul of Tatyana Denisova.


In the mid-90s, Irina came to Soso Pavliashvili's recording studio to rewrite his song "I am with you." The sound engineer, who kindly provided such an opportunity, was so fascinated by the beauty of the fan that he told the singer about her. The hot Georgian man did not hesitate with a personal acquaintance, which later grew into a serious romance.

“She's funny, on high platforms, but tastefully dressed and really pretty. I was surprised: a good girl, as it turned out later, does not drink or swear, she is very developed, well-read, speaks fluent English. And besides, she sings and dances well, so I invited Irina to my team, ”the pop star said later.

Patlakh took the place of a backing vocalist (in this position she was in the Mironi group), accompanied her lover on tour, starred in music videos ("Sky in the Palm"), and delighted the audience with incendiary oriental dances.

Personal life

At the end of April 2019, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva managed to get Pavliashvili to talk and find out the details of the beautiful love story of a star guest. Before him, Ira had only fleeting falls in love at school. Therefore, when it came to kissing, the celebrity was pretty surprised that the young lady did not know how to kiss.

The meeting of the future spouses happened when she was only 16 years old, and he was 32. But this relationship cannot be called criminal. Indeed, the couple entered into a close relationship after introducing them to their parents and upon reaching the age of majority Patlah.

The man gallantly courted the lady, gave flowers, took her to restaurants, and drove home in his own Cadillac. The cherished "I love you" the girl heard after 3 years of dating when she was going to leave the studio, and the gentleman helped to throw a coat over her shoulders.

Irina found herself in the life of an artist in a difficult period. After a serious traffic accident in Tbilisi due to the fault of a drunk driver, the victim suffered from epileptic seizures for 7 years. He, in his words, was slowly dying. Therefore, I did not want to burden my soul mate, I drove away from myself, but she showed enviable stubbornness.

Irina Patlakh and Soso Pavliashvili

The beauty was not frightened away by the solid age difference, nor by the fact that Soso was officially considered the husband of Nino Uchaneishvili and became famous for his excessive love. However, the latter fact made the relatives of the Muscovite very alarmed, who at first did not want to hear anything about the "womanizer of the all-Union scale" and dreamed of letting him down from the balcony.