Biography of George Harrison and music career

Published At: 08 January 2021 , 06:30 PM

Biography of George Harrison

George Harrison is part of the legendary Beatles four of Liverpool, but the part is a little weird. The winner of 13 Grammy awards, a Chevalier of the Order of the British Empire was not interested in the attributes of popularity, he was occupied with his own inner experiences and near-musical experiments. The guitarist became famous for most of his creations outside the Beatles.

Childhood and youth

George, his sister Louise, and brothers Harry and Peter were born in Liverpool to a bus driver and shop assistant. From the very beginning, the details of Harrison's biography developed in such a way that eventually, sooner or later, they would have brought the guy to the Beatles.

George Harrison in his youth

At Dovedale Elementary School, where little George went, John Lennon was two grades older. In middle school, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts met and befriended Paul McCartney. At the same time, the object of interest of the future star was determined - the guitar.

Mom supported the younger son's passion for music. Even though the family's wealth was modest, the parents found an opportunity to buy George a long-awaited instrument - an acoustic guitar. In the style of Harrison's playing, the influence of the American Duane Eddie, whose work then remained unknown in England, was traced.

George Harrison with guitar

The young musician, with his friends and brother, gathered a collective called The Rebels, began to perform skiffle. Soon Paul introduced Lennon to 15-year-old George. The guy impressed his new friend with the ability to perform the song "Raunchy". Due to his young age, the firmly young Harrison joined the group, which had been created by that time by Lennon and McCartney, only a year later.


George spent ten years of his life for The Beatles. In the arsenal of the Liverpool quartet - 210 compositions. Of these, 22 are officially recorded for the musician. But the unofficial title of the favorite of the beautiful half of the army of fans belonged to the guitarist. And such wild fans as the Beatles have yet to look.

Harrison did not plan to turn into a world star. The young man wanted to work as a musician for a couple of years and go to an art school. However, by 1963, when the Beatles' first album Please Please Me was released, the world recognized such a phenomenon as Beatlemania.

Unlike his colleagues, Harrison did not gush with ideas and songs. George's first song "Don't Bother Me" was released on the second Beatles album. The Rubber Soul includes the songs "If I Needed Someone", "Norwegian Wood" and "Think for Yourself".

According to the musician, his friends hardly agreed to record the songs he wrote. The only hits were "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Something". But from the pen of Harrison came "I Need You", "Here Comes the Sun", "Blue Jay Way", "I, Me, Mine" And George himself performed his works.

As part of The Beatles, the guitarist released two solo instrumental albums - Electronic Sound and Wonderwall Music. The first featured a hitherto unknown instrument - a synthesizer by Robert Moog. Not everyone understood and appreciated the musician's works. There were opinions that it is possible to make out the cacophony of sounds only while high. And someone thought that the disc was a joke from the author. Eric Clapton contributed to the creation of the second.