Biography of Elton John and Music Career

Published At: 15 January 2021 , 07:11 PM

Biography of Elton John

Sir Elton John is a cult British musician, Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire. His albums are sold in millions of copies, videos daily collect tens of thousands of views on the Internet, and his fortune is estimated at $ 270 million. Winner of the title of the most commercially successful singer of the 70s.

The best-selling British pop singer, whose seven CDs started at # 1 on the Billboard 200. According to the musician, he began his creative career as a pianist who sings and eventually turned into a singer playing the piano.

Childhood and youth

Elton John (at birth - Reginald Kenneth Dwight) was born on March 25, 1947, in the north London area - Pinner. Since childhood, Reginald began to get involved in music thanks to creative parents - Mom Sheila played the piano with her son, and Stanley's dad served as a military musician in the Air Force.

At the age of four, the future musician could already select melodies on the piano by ear and listened to the records of the best musicians of the twentieth century. Stanley Dwight was not impressed. Father was not pleased with Reginald's hobbies - he considered his music studies foolish. Even after his son became an established celebrity, Stanley did not attend any of his concerts.

Reginald's parents divorced when he was 13 years old. At the same time, he began to wear glasses, trying to resemble his idol, Buddy Holly. Subsequently, because of this, the boy's eyesight deteriorated - palpable myopia developed, and glasses from a stylish accessory turned into a must.

At the age of eleven, Reginald won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied for free for six years. He went to classes there on Saturdays, combining them with his studies in high school. Four years after that, his mother married again, the designer Fred Fairbrother became the chosen one, who supported the teenager's passion for music.

For the first time, Reginald performed in front of an audience at the age of 16. Since then, he has played piano at a local club and sang every week. Mom tried not to miss any of his performances. For one evening of work, a beginner musician received about a pound - not bad money for a student. He soon had enough money to buy an electric piano.

In 1960, Reginald, together with school friends, founded The Corvettes, which first performed works by Jim Reeves and Ray Charles (at that time, rhythm and blues was the most popular direction in music). The guys released two one-sided records, both of which did not gain popularity. A year later, they changed their name to "The Bluesology".


In 1964, Reginald Dwight dropped out of school to work in the sales department of the Mills Music company. After a while, he also decided to quit his job for a tour of The Bluesology in Great Britain, which performed accompaniment for popular bands (The Isley Brothers, The Bluebelles, and others).

In 1967, Reginald fell in love with Linda Woodrow and sought her favor for a long time. As a result, the couple even got engaged, but after a while, the girl put him before a choice: "Either me or music." Reginald was desperate to commit suicide but changed his mind in time. At this time, he takes the pseudonym Elton John - in honor of the musicians Elton Dean and Long John. This is how the creative biography of the British pop star began.

In the late sixties, Liberty Music was holding a talent competition, and Elton John decided to test his strength. He sang several songs from someone else's repertoire, but the audience did not appreciate it. However, the organizer of the competition, Ray Williams, presented him with a collection of poems by Bernie Taupin. Thus, he became the initiator of their creative union, which will last for more than thirty years.

Elton John

Ray Williams introduced Elton John to Dick James, who permitted them to use his DJM Records. At one time, the hits of the legendary "Beatles" were published here. At Williams' request, Dick allowed Elton to record the first disc. This is the first time the poet Bernie Taupin will meet the rising rock star.

Elton's debut album "I've Been Loving You" went on sale in the spring of 1968 and even received positive reviews, but did not bring money. The new head of one of the main departments of DJM Records, Steve Brown, began to persuade Dick James himself to once again give the young collaborators freedom in their creative expression, to which he agreed.

Elton John. Song "I've Been Loving You"

In 1970 the album "Elton John" was released. Sometime after that, Steve Brown resigns, realizing that he cannot cope with his position at the required level. He returned to his former position - in the advertising department of EMI on radio, where he continued to promote the work of Elton John.

In the wake of the success of British music, the aspiring English musician was noticed in the United States and Elton was invited on a test tour. In the fall of 1970, he flew to the United States, where he was given a warm welcome. The main concert of the singer then took place inside the Troubadour club. After living in America for three weeks, Elton and Bernie returned to the United States just a month later.