Biography of Dolly Parton and Music Career

Published At: 13 January 2021 , 08:21 PM

Biography of Dolly Parton

Popular country singer and film actress Dolly Parton has brought the American Dream to life. Growing up in an extremely poor family, the malnourished and sleepy artist from the age of ten took vocal lessons with her last money, which eventually paid for herself with interest.

In 1959, the young talent, who served three years in the church, won the main prize at the Tennessee Aspiring Vocalists Competition. This event became the starting point in the musical career of the charming blonde.

Childhood and youth

Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on January 19, 1946, in Tennessee. Unfortunately, there is very little information on the network regarding the childhood and adolescence of a vocal performer. It is only known for certain that the artist's family consisted of twelve children (her sister Stella also became a singer) and before becoming famous, Dolly wrote compositions for popular country musicians for a couple of years.

Among other things, in November 2016 the premiere of the film "A Multicolored Christmas by Dolly Parton: Circle of Love" took place. The plot of the picture is based on the biography of the singer. The tape begins with a story about Robert Lee, the head of a large family who is experiencing financial difficulties.

A man sacrifices a lot to buy an expensive ring for his wife for Christmas. Children - baby Dolly, her sisters, and brothers - also do their bit and refuse gifts to help dad. At this time, Dolly's uncle, Billy, realizes that the girl's extraordinary vocal abilities will help her family no longer be below the poverty line.


Dolly performed her first author's single "Puppy Love" at a competition in New York, and in 1967, RCA signed a contract with the promising singer. In the same year, the vocalist's first album, "Hello I'm Dolly", was released. Then Parton sang in a duet with Porter Wagoner for a couple of years.

This unexpectedly formed alliance became golden for Dolly. The tracks "Just Someone I Used To Know", "Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man" paved the way for Parton in Hollywood.

It is worth noting that cooperation with Wagener did not prevent the singer from acting in films, replenishing her filmography with new tapes. So, after the end of filming in the film "Steel Magnolias", the artist went on her first large-scale tour of Europe and overtook Madonna in terms of ratings.

In 1971, Dolly attracted widespread attention with her album "Coat of Many Colors", which is still considered a milestone in the history of country music. Three years later, the singer wrote and released the singles "Jolene" (the best Dolly song, according to Rolling Stone magazine) and "I Will Always Love You".

Over the following years, Parton was the most sought-after performer in the world of country music but dreamed of more. In 1977, the album "Here You Come Again" was released, which brought Dolly fame outside the United States.

Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin in the movie Nine to Five

During this period, the memorable singer was again invited to act in films. In 1980, the premiere of the comedy "From Nine to Five" took place, according to the plot of which the artist and actress Jane Fonda rebel against a tyrant boss. The playful song "9 to 5", written by the artist for this film, became an informal anthem for office workers, was nominated for an Oscar and after the premiere of the tape took the first lines in the American charts for a couple of weeks.

Two years later, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers recorded the song "Islands in the Stream", which for a long time topped the Billboard Hot 100. Over the next two decades, no country artist has achieved such success on the pop charts.