Biography of Conan Gray and Music Career

Published At: 25 December 2020 , 05:12 PM

Biography of Conan Gray

In mythology, crows have traditionally represented fate, magic, and eventual rebirth. Clear parallels can be drawn between this mystical creature and the singer Conan Gray. Born in a small town, the "pop prince of sad Internet teenagers" was able to take off, "break out of the cage" and reach heights through talent and creativity.

Childhood and youth

Conan Lee Gray was born in San Diego County, California on December 5, 1998. He is of mixed nationality: his father is Irish and his mother is Japanese. When the mother was carrying the baby, she was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy, but she did not obey.

In the biography of the artist, there were two years of life in the Japanese Hiroshima, when Gray's grandfather needed hospital care. As a child, Konan even spoke fluent Japanese but forgot it due to lack of practice.

Gray considered his early years "shitty". His parents divorced immediately upon returning to the United States when he was three years old, and the boy stayed with his father. Conan's life included child protection services, cops and flees, angry rich, angry poor, thrift store clothes, debt, evictions, and lots of screams and pain.

The performer's father served in the army, and therefore they moved 12 times. The newcomer was bullied in schools due to his Asian origin. The boy had to quickly grow up and become independent. The family eventually settled in Georgetown, Texas.

In early childhood, Conan wanted to become a model or an actor, but at the age of 12, he became interested in songwriting. The first compositions were about recipes or shampoo ingredients taken from the older sister's catalogs. After Adele's passion, the boy became obsessed with the songs Pure Heroine Lord and "1989" Taylor Swift - his main inspiration.

The social network YouTube became a window to the world for Conan. Having received the first computer as a Christmas present, in 2003 the student opened four profiles at once, the most popular of which was the ConanXCanon channel. Among the first videos uploaded were footage of the future performer playing with his domestic lizard. He published everything on social networks - from art and photos to stories about personal experiences, playing the guitar, amateur singing and eating marshmallows, filming, editing, and uploading each video on his own.

Gray's art was inspired by the surrounding life in a small town in Texas, where there were only cows, sheds, tractors, and gas stations, but in September 2017 he began classes at UCLA and moved to Los Angeles.


The singer uploaded his debut single Idle Town to streaming platforms in the spring of 2017. After that, he signed an agreement with the label Republic Records and a year later released the second single Generation Why ("Generation Why"). In November 2018, the album Sunset Season was released, recorded on a microphone glued to a broken lamp. It also included the hit Crush Culture, which reached # 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

The EP brought the artist recognition from the largest music publications. The singer appeared on the Late Night program, toured North America with a girl in red, acted as an opening act for Panic! At the Disco, played at festivals. “Being able to heal scars by writing songs and then going on tour and singing those songs to thousands of fans is a form of escape from reality,” the singer admitted.

Throughout 2019, the songs Checkmate, Comfort Crowd, and Maniac appear, written in collaboration with author and producer Daniel Nigro. Maniac went viral on international radio stations, reached platinum status in Australia and Canada, peaked at # 25 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100, and charted in Ireland and South Korea.