Biography of Big Baby Tape and music

Published At: 04 January 2021 , 03:03 PM

Biography Big Baby Tape

In November 2018, the Internet, which, it seems, has already seen everything, just flashed from the headlines, enthusiastically reporting the breakthrough of the young Russian rapper in the prestigious foreign chart. And this, it should be noted, is a success - when you are 18 years old and you were practically unknown at home.

Childhood and youth

The star of the Russian rap artist is still rising, so there is not so much exhaustive information about the biography and its formation. Born in Zyablikovo, in the south of Moscow, on the fifth day of January 2000, lived with his grandmother. After school, I entered college with a military department, because I did not want to join the army, but dropped out. I did not intend to go to university at all - I did not believe in Russian higher education and was afraid that he would sit at textbooks all day.

The creative pseudonym Big Baby Tape, translated into Russian, does not contain anything criminal. The musician's real name is Yegor Rakitin.

In his early childhood (4 years), he first got acquainted with the works of 50 Cent, and then with Gucci Mane, which impressed the boy so much that soon the traditional question "Who do you want to become?" he loudly and clearly stated that he was only a rapper. And at the age of 11, he began to move towards his dreams, creating his melodies on FL Studio.

Who specifically showed the teenager how to press buttons on it - there was a disagreement in the media. Some called a brother a friend, others a friend of a brother. However, at first, Rakitin's relationship did not work out with the "sound machine", and after a month he abandoned his studies. However, fate had its plans, she sent her sister Yegor a boyfriend, part-time beatmaker, and he returned to the art of music.

Personal life

As for personal life, it is reliably hidden from prying eyes. No, of course, on the artist's Instagram no, no, and there will be a video showing him in a car in the company of two pretty blondes driving around his hometown and, of course, singing. The video even got on Youtube, where one of the ladies was rushed to baptize Yegor's girlfriend.

In the single Trap Medals, the chorus is performed by Muscovite Asya, with whom, according to Rakitin, he has a long-standing friendship. The girl also performs in the hip-hop genre under the name Alizade, in 2018 she recorded her debut track Hoodrich Tales.

Big Baby Tape and his girlfriend

The creative tandem has one more hit "Gucci" under its belt. The composition reached fans in a roundabout way only because American rapper Gucci Mane responded to Big Baby Tape's message on Instagram.

From his hobbies and hobbies, Yegor prefers cooking.

“I'm not going to build some kind of super culinary out of myself, but I'm interested in learning how to cook. Burrito. Burrito. Burrito. I love to do them and it turns out cool, ”he explained.

When asked about his favorite representatives of the "old school" rap, he noted "Caspian Cargo", "AK-47" and "Market Relations".


Before becoming Big Baby Tape, the guy created beats under the nickname DJ Tape, planned to record a debut album, in the title to which the year of birth was added to the stage name. But something went wrong. Rakitin did not lose heart and accepted the first failure as a call for change. And, having decided to "sing rap", he retrained in Tape LaFlare. This alters ego later faded into the background, and DJ Tape appears periodically, in "Brigade" for example.

The Big Baby Tape project appeared as banter, no one made plans to conquer the Universe. The tracks were initially performed "for fun" and focused on foreign musicians KirbLaGoop, Goth Money Records, CHXPO, etc.