Biography of Anna Aleksandrova and Music Career

Published At: 25 January 2021 , 06:32 PM

Biography of Anna Aleksandrova 

In October 2020, the next season of the " Voice " project started, revealing all-new vocal talents. Anna Aleksandrova, who did not immediately choose a creative profession, decided to prove herself. The Rostov woman managed to sort out a lot of specialties before settling on singing.

Childhood and youth

Anna's early biography is associated with Rostov-on-Don, where she was born, grew up and matured, went to school, and was determined with the choice of her future vocation. It was not obvious for the girl, since the singing and performances that accompanied Alexandrova from childhood did not seem a matter serious enough to devote her life to them. Although the example of her father, a talented singer who performed at city events accompanied by the Rostov orchestra, invariably inspired Anya.

In her educational treasury is the children's music school and the pop and jazz vocal department of the Rostov School of Arts. Yulia Frolova, Nani Kotenko, Olga Muntyan were her teachers at different stages. At the same time, the Rostov woman received her higher education in a field far from music: she first studied as a marketer, and then as a director of cultural events.

The study was not in vain for Anna: as a director, she was able to develop a bright program for herself, and as a marketer - to find tools for her promotion. However, before devoting herself to creativity, Alexandrova managed to work in a variety of areas - from construction to advertising on the radio. The singer paved the way for the listener as part of the Leta's Band, where she performed to the accompaniment of a cello and saxophone. By that time, Anna had moved to Moscow.

Personal life

In the fall of 2020, the singer married Alexei Alexandrov. Judging by the wedding video, the festive day was luxurious: the bride arrived at the ceremony in Barvikha in a black Maybach car. She thanked her husband for the fairy tale that he gives her every day and called him her best friend, motivator, and inspiration.

By his example of resilience during the ups and downs he experienced, Alexey taught his spouse optimism, love of life, and open-mindedness. Looking at him, she strives for continuous professional improvement.

Anna does not hide the details of her personal life, generously sharing photos of family and friends on her Instagram page. Pictures of a son, born before marriage to Aleksandrov, are often seen here.

Show "Voice"

Anna has followed Golos since its inception and has never ceased to admire the number of talented people who come to try their hand at the country's main vocal project. The singer dreamed that someday she would come out to conquer the metropolitan scene. Having passed the stage of multi-stage castings, Aleksandrova got to blind auditions, where she performed a cover of the hit group No Doubt Don't Speak.

Alexandrova's dramatic rocker song was overgrown with an unexpected jazz arrangement, which, coupled with the pressure, captivated the audience in the hall and the judges, who caught the energetic vibe of the Rostov woman with their backs.

Sergey Shnurov and Valery Syutkin turned to Anna, and Basta and Polina Gagarina expressed their respect for her skill. Even though Syutkin's album is on the singer's player on repeat, she chose the leader of Leningrad as her mentor, because Shnurov can provide her with the madness that the performer is tuned in.