Biography of Alsu Abulkhanova and Music Career

Published At: 25 January 2021 , 06:13 PM

Biography of Alsu Abulkhanova

The singer, TV presenter, actress, faithful wife, and caring mother - the performer of Tatar songs managed to prove herself in many aspects. At the same time, Alsu Abulkhanova does not seek to become the best in one way or another, allowing herself to enjoy both her career and communication with loved ones.

Childhood and youth

The Tatar artist was born on December 14, 1976, in Vorkuta. Even though the girl grew up in a Russian-speaking environment, the Tatar language was often spoken in the family. At the age of 14, Alsou and her parents moved to the city of Ulyanovsk. At the same time, she often visited her grandmother in the Republic of Tatarstan, where the love for the music of these people was born.

From an early age, Abulkhanova dreamed of a stage. However, initially, a native of Vorkuta planned to become a TV presenter. And she began her creative activity in Ulyanovsk - there the young talent sang in the vocal ensemble "Aigul".

After school, Alsou entered the local music and pedagogical school and then got a job in her specialty - a teacher at school. After moving to Kazan, she decided to continue her education at the conservatory at the vocal faculty. In 2003 she received a diploma and plunged into a singing career.

Even during her student days, she managed to combine her studies with work at the Europa Plus station as a radio host.


Being a Tatar by nationality, Alsou admitted in an interview that she would like to perform on the Russian stage. However, the artist often gives concerts in Kazan. The singer's repertoire is presented in different languages, including English and French.

In front of the audience, the vocalist behaves naturally and at ease, she has a huge number of fans both in the Republic of Tatarstan and throughout Russia. During her professional biography, the singer managed to record several albums, give many concerts both at home and abroad, and also perform in a duet with other famous performers.

In 2013, Alsou shot a video for the music of the talented composer Flera Sharipova - "Tugan Konen belen". The video was directed by Kazan clip maker Ildar Mullin.

Alsu Abulkhanova - "Tugan konen belen"

And in 2016, the artist delighted fans with another video, shot for a joint song with Khairutdinov Zufar Gilmutdinovich - "Songy tap yr". In 2018, she sang the romantic song You and Me with Rinat Safin.

However, the Tatar singer does not often please fans with new works, believing that quality is much more important than the number of recorded tracks. There are not many albums in her discography, and most of the compositions in them are recorded in the Tatar language - "Seinen yang baram", "Zhanym", "Yakyn disarm", "Almaz".

After the birth of her first son, Abulkhanova decided to continue her education at the Ostankino TV School, remembering her childhood dream of becoming a TV presenter. After completing the courses, the artist was offered to work on the Stolitsa and Zvezda channels. But she chose in favor of the local TNV while depriving herself of the need to be torn between Kazan and Moscow.

The TV presenter's career was not a reason to end her concert activity. In her work, the singer tries to promote the Tatar stage, choosing the platform for this the State Philharmonic named after Gabdulla Tukai.