Biography of Alexei Tatarintsev and Music Career

Published At: 20 January 2021 , 08:10 PM

Biography of Alexei Tatarintsev

The turning point in the biography of Alexei Tatarintsev was the World Cup, where he first heard the voices of the tenors Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti. After that, the artist decided to master opera singing and managed to achieve creative heights as a talented performer and artist of the Bolshoi Theater.

Childhood and youth

Alexey Alexandrovich Tatarintsev was born on May 11, 1981, in the village of Burnak, Tambov Region. The boy's parents were ordinary people, his father worked as a driver in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and his mother graduated from college in the class of choreography and taught dancing at the local House of Culture.

But the future star was surrounded by music from childhood. Every holiday, the family gathered and sang ditties to the accompaniment of his father, who played the accordion. Later, Lesha mastered the instrument himself, learned to handle the synthesizer and drums. In childhood and adolescence, Tatarintsev often sang at weddings, but he thought about the career of a performer only in the 10th grade.

Alexey spent 2 years preparing for entering the university because before that he had not studied at a music school. He even had to hire a tutor and study for hours to comprehend the basics of solfeggio and playing the piano.

Efforts were not in vain, and Tatarintsev became a student of the conductor-choral department of the Tambov University named after Gabriel Derzhavin, where he studied under the guidance of Vladimir Kozlyakov. This was the first step towards a dream because more than anything the young performer dreamed of mastering opera singing. But in the chosen university this was impossible because vocal lessons took only 22 minutes after physical education.

Desperate, the artist went to audition for the Alexandrov ensemble, but on the train met with Alexander Ermakov, the director of the Sergei Rachmaninov estate museum. He advised him to try his hand at the Gnessin School, and from there Lesha was sent to the Viktor Popov Academy of Choral Art.

As a result, from the 5th year of the Tambov University, Tatarintsev transferred to the 2nd year of the Moscow Academy, but the performer did not regret the lost years, because he finally had the opportunity to study at the vocal department. The star's mentor was Vera Aleksandrova, under whose guidance he completed a full course of study and graduate school.


While still a student, Alexei became a soloist of the academic choir, with which he continued to perform even after graduation. Also, in 2005 the performer joined the choir of the Sretensky Monastery, from which he left after 3 years, but since then his attitude towards religion has changed, the singer began to believe in God.

In 2008, Tatarintsev was admitted to the collective of the Novaya Opera Theater, which traditionally invites graduates of the Academy of Choral Art to join its ranks. The artist made his debut in the play "Eugene Onegin", where he won the role of Triquet. Then he was not required to be specific in performance, he just had to sing correctly.

Only 2 years have passed, and the tenor's voice sounded on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, where he took part in a concert performance of the opera The Cherry Orchard by Philippe Fenelon. Later, his repertoire was replenished with Lensky's aria from Eugene Onegin and Duke of Mantuan's aria from Rigoletto, he took part in the performances The Bat, Cinderella, and La Bohème and was remembered by the audience for the unique performance of the song Evening Bells.