Biography Kanye West and music career

Published At: 02 January 2021 , 02:35 PM

Biography Kanye West

Kanye West is a popular American singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, and fashion designer. Critics have repeatedly called Kanye one of the greatest artists of the 21st century. West is also known for his harsh and direct statements at ceremonies and on social media, which often led to scandals.

Childhood and youth

Rapper Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is African American by nationality. Both parents belonged to intelligent professions. Ray West's father was one of the first African American photojournalists in the United States. At the time of her son's birth, Donda West's mother taught English at Clark Atlanta University and had the academic title of professor. She later became the head of the philology department at the University of Chicago, and when Kanye needed a personal manager, the woman took over these responsibilities.

The boy was 3 years old when Ray and Donda divorced. Kanye stayed with his mother and moved with her to Chicago. He attended Polaris High School and did very well. West had no ratings below fours.

For some time, the teenager with his parent lived in China, where Donda taught English to the local population. Since Kanye was the only foreign student in the town of Nanjing, no separate program was created for him, and West mastered Chinese in a short time.

Kanye West as a child

Creativity entered Kanye's life early. At the age of 5, he wrote his first poem, and by the age of 8, he became interested in painting and music. The mother gave her son a gaming computer Amiga, in which there was a program for creating simple melodies. West plunged into this interesting occupation. A little later, the teenager begins to rap and participate in the city's hip-hop movement. At 13, Kanye writes tunes that are no longer ashamed to sell to other musicians. During the same period, he recorded his own composition Green Eggs and Ham in a semi-professional studio.

After high school, Kanye West received a grant to study at the American Academy of Arts, but he was given a scholarship to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, not music, as the guy had hoped. Therefore, he soon transferred to the University of Chicago and immersed himself in English literature.

At 20, West dropped out of college to focus on a career in music. The professor's mother was shocked, but the further success of her son allowed her to look at things differently. The woman later said that she realized that in some professions, talent, willpower, and determination play a much greater role than education.

Music and creativity

During his school and student days, Kanye West wrote music for other artists, including Beyoncé and Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson's younger sister. But later he began his own path in show business. Unfortunately, at first, Kanye received rejections from the recording studios. They were happy to buy the author's samples but did not want to hear about the rapper, who grew up in an intelligent family, and not among young gangsters.

Rap music implies the story of the difficulties that the performer had to face in life. Kanye had no experience with gunfights or drug dealing. But at that moment another tragedy happened - in 2002, Kanye had a car accident while returning home from the studio. He suffered multiple injuries and underwent surgery on his jaw. But even while in the hospital, the musician continued to work. The equipment was brought straight to his ward.

In a special splint for the face, the musician writes the song Through the Wire, and after two weeks, while still in a special medical mask, he records the composition in the studio. Thanks to the catastrophe, the young man found the theme of the first album The College Dropout: making his own decisions.