Biography Irina Dubtsova and music career

Published At: 26 December 2020 , 08:34 PM

Biography Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova is a singer, composer, and poetess. She loudly declared herself in the Star Factory project, which allowed her to find her audience. The artist has unwise energy, so she is ready to gush with new musical ideas without interruption. Her tracks have earned prestigious national awards, and recitals are held at venues such as Crocus City Hall.

Childhood and youth

Irina Dubtsova was born in February 1982 in Volgograd. The parents realized that their daughter would certainly become a singer even in the hospital. The baby screamed so loudly that no one heard the rest of the newborns.

And who else could a girl become if Irina's dad is a famous musician in Volgograd? Viktor Dubtsov is the founder of the Dubcoff band, a jazz group that is popular in Volgograd.

Parents tried to pay attention not only to raising their daughter, but also encouraged and developed the child's musical talent. At school, Irina recited poetry and even began to compose her romances, which she performed.


The creative biography of Irina Dubtsova started early. The girl's parents created a musical group "Jam" in Volgograd, in which the leading place among children was given to 11-year-old Irina Dubtsova. In addition to her, Sonya Tarikh (the Lyceum group), Andrei Zakharenkov, who later took the pseudonym Prokhor Shalyapin, and Tanya Zaikina (the Monokini group) sang in the collective.

The team leader was Natalya Dubtsova, Irina's mother, and her father was the producer of the performer. "Jem" sang about 40 compositions, the author of most of which was Irina.

After graduating from the Dubtsova School of Music, his father realized that he could make a Russian pop star out of his daughter. The man decided to take the disc with Irina's recordings to Moscow, to present new compositions to the famous producer Igor Matvienko. He was just creating a new musical group and was looking for soloists. So Irina got to the casting of the "Girls" group, where she was accepted without delay. After the collapse of the creative team, after 2 years, Irina goes into "free swimming".