Biography Alisher Morgenstern and music career

Published At: 28 December 2020 , 01:56 PM

Biography Alisher Morgenstern

Today, the word "Morgenstern", which means "morning star" in German, is associated not with the melee weapons used by German soldiers, but with the surname of the video blogger and rapper Alisher Morgenstern. This guy pleases fans with punches, disses, and colorful video clips. It would seem that it is difficult to surprise music lovers on a hip-hop site, but the artist proved the opposite: his channel collects millions of views.

Childhood and youth

Alisher Tagirovich was born in Ufa. This event happened on February 17, 1998. He is a Bashkir by nationality, the zodiac sign Aquarius patronizes him.

Unfortunately, there is little information about the childhood and family of the rap artist. It is known that the blogger grew up and was brought up with his mother and younger sister: the boy's parents divorced, and when Alisher was 11 years old, his father died. How the relationship between Morgenstern and his stepfather developed is anyone's guess.

The guy got used to music already in childhood and did not see himself in another path. He began to get involved in rap back in his school years when Gulf and AK-47 played in his player - these famous musicians became a source of inspiration for the future YouTuber.

Alisher's mother shared her son's hobby and supported him in all his endeavors. For example, one day he received from her an expensive and professional microphone, with which a 12-year-old teenager recorded his debut track. Alisher presented his first musical experience to a friend who appreciated his friend's talent.

Inspired by the support of a friend, the future blogger began to upload his first compositions to the Internet under the nickname DeeneS MC. Then, together with a friend who took the pseudonym White Up, the teenager recorded a video clip for the song "We are above the clouds."


Few people know, but while studying at school, Morgenstern tried himself in a different musical path, organizing a rock group with friends. However, he soon got tired of fiddling with guitar strings, and he decided to start his own project with a non-trivial name "MMD CREW".

The main idea of ​​Alisher's brainchild was to create music with humorous overtones, but the songs were diverse, from a daring composition called "A Chick Doesn't Give Me" to a dark and depressing track "Shall We Talk?" In 2016, the premiere of the video "Am I good?" - a cover of the song Yung Trappa.

On February 5, 2017, Morgenstern teamed up with an outrageous blogger Andrei Martynenko and released a video called "Will be mine." It is noteworthy that YouTube viewers greeted the video with positive comments, and the video itself gained 2.5 million views per year. In addition, Alisher's track record includes the song "The Alumni Anthem", which parodies the cheeky behavior of schoolgirls on the last bell.