Beloved Brisbane Band Columbus Call It A Day

Published At: 03 April 2022 , 08:12 AM

Brisbane rock outfit Columbus have announced that they are putting a full stop on the band ahead of their final tour dates. In a statement on their Facebook page, they said:

"To all of our incredible friends,

The time has come to conclude the amazing journey that has been Columbus and step out on stage for our final shows.

Whilst it’s somewhat saddening to put these words together, we write them with the fullest of hearts, and a grin worth a thousand smiles fuelled by some of the best experiences of our lives.

From a start in our bedroom & living rooms, to basements, upstairs jaunts, record stores & regional pubs to festival slots, all night parties, sold out headliners and touring overseas - we’ve been unimaginably fortunate to live out our dreams. We started Columbus with a desire to connect with people who loved music in the same way that we did, & who could have thought that a little punk band could mean so much to us, or anyone else.

To have been able to tour, message, meet & connect with all of you, has been an absolute privilege. We will never take for granted the minute impact our music has had on anyone, because we have felt that back 100 times over. We’ve seen the road, the sky and the stars in your eyes, and cherished every minute of it.

We have countless people to hug and thank over the coming weeks, but for now please know how grateful we are for every sliver of support, every smile at a show, hi-five at a merch desk, or story that we’ve been told, connecting you to our songs.

We remain the best of friends, with the lasting impact of this band an overwhelmingly positive and life defining experience.

Whilst this sounds like goodbye, we have our swan song to play. Our final tour starts next week & we hope that you’ll join us to celebrate, sing, dance and cry, one last time.

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