Avril Lavigne: Biography and music career

Published At: 17 February 2020 , 05:30 PM

Biography Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne was born on September 27, 1984, in the Canadian town of Belleville. The childhood of the future famous singer and actress took place in the tiny province of Napanee, with less than 5 thousand inhabitants. Her parents, Judy and John Lavigne raised Avril, her brother, and sister in strict Catholic rules, with a weekly Sunday church visit.

However, such a strict upbringing did not prevent the young Lavigne from growing into a real tomboy. Ordinary girlish amusements were not for her. Avril found games with boys and skateboarding much more interesting, which once led to an arrest for skating in the wrong place.

Since childhood, the girl's main hobby was singing: Avril sang in the choir, played the guitar, performed at competitions, festivals, and fairs. It was at one of these performances that Avril met her first professional manager, Ken Krongard. A little later, local singer and country songwriter Steve Med invited the girl to sing a song with him for his new album. From this moment, no one doubted the future success of a small talented singer.

Star Trek singer and actress

After graduating from high school and moving to Los Angeles, Avril begins working on his debut album with Cliff Magness and The Matrix. The album Let go, four times received the status of platinum, gave young Lavigne the long-awaited popularity and fame. The success was overwhelming. Until December 2004, around fifteen million discs sold worldwide.

The subsequent albums Under my skin and The Best Damn Thing were in no way inferior to the first and, for a long time, led the charts of different countries. Avril worked without interruptions, went on world tours, and in 2011 made fans happy with the Goodbye Lullaby record. Soon after its release, the singer has declared that it is already working on a fifth album, but he saw the light only in 2013. Avril called him by her name - Avril Lavigne. Prizes and awards Avril Lavigne only emphasize the success of the singer.

In 2002, Avril Lavigne received the title "Best Opening" at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

In 2003, the star won four of six nominations at the Juno Awards. In the same year, Avril received the title of World's Best-Selling Canadian Singer ("Best Selling Canadian Artist") at the World Music Award and became a nominee for eight Grammy Awards.

But Avril Lavigne is not in the rules to stop there. In addition to music, the singer has several episodic roles in films, participating in sounding cartoons, as well as creating her clothing line called Abbey Dawn. She managed to try herself in perfumery: in 2009, her fragrance called Black Star was released, a little later, the Forbidden Rose perfume appeared.

Personal life Avril Lavigne

On July 15, 2006, Avril married Derek Whibley, a member of the Canadian punk band Sum 41. The couple in love got engaged back in 2005 in Venice. Evidence of Avril's love for Derek was a small tattoo on Avril's wrist with the first letter of the name of his beloved D., even though in 2010, the couple divorced, Avril and Derek remained friends. The next man in Avril's life was Brody Jenner's model, but relations with him went wrong: young people broke up in 2012.

But the singer was swift to find a new love - in February 2012, Avril started an affair with Chad Krueger, lead singer of Nickelback. Barely six months after, they started dating, and Chad has offered to marry his beloved. Their wedding took place in the south of France on July 1, 2013.

A year later, in the media rumors, that the spouses' relations strained, and it comes to divorce. Marriage couples did not last long: September 2, 2015, on his page on Instagram Avril said, broke up with her husband.