As It Was Lyrics meaning by Harry Styles

Published At: 03 September 2022 , 07:44 AM

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to the addressee of Harry Styles' "As It Was." Some say that the track is not actually about a romantic interest, and instead is based on his relationship with the music industry. Others believe that the track may be, at least in part, based on a real-life romance Harry is involved in with American actress Olivia Wilde. No matter who the true addressee of the track is, one thing is for sure: Harry Styles has us all thinking with this one.

We find the second theory more plausible. The most blatant clue supporting that idea is the nature of the bridge, where the addressee is presented as "leaving America with two kids." Olivia, according to some reports, is American and has a pair of children. Harry resides across the pond.

When reading this piece, one gets the impression that it is based on a real-life experience, which is something that Harry confirmed. This is especially evident when the author mentions the addressee's "daddy." It's clear that this is not just a surface-level exploration of the topic, but rather a very personal account.

   Lyrics Meaning of the Track As It Was:

The intro lyrics of “As It Was” are symbolic of Harry Styles' current absence from the scene. We realize that he really wants connection, but something is holding him back. The lyrics meaning of Harry Styles As it was stanza one expatiates on the desire for connection but the unexplainable force that drives him apart from other people. "Apparently, 'When everything gets in the way' implies that everything he does is an obstacle to him forming real connections. It seems that Harry Styles was trying to say that he struggles to form real connections with people because of all the distractions in his life."

It's important to Harry Styles to form connections with people, but he still hasn't found the best way to establish those connections just yet. Based on the music video for his track "As it Was," the meaning of the lyrics see him walking with a lot of people but suddenly feeling something pulling him back from them. He then finds himself in a room alone with someone, which could symbolize him finding that connection he's been looking for.

The second lyrics of the track tell us that some people who are bored from life use drugs and other substances to cope. In these lyrics, the vocalist knocks on a door, hoping for companionship but no one comes. This represents how we can feel alone in our lives sometimes, not knowing how to make connections with other people. In the music video for "As It Was", at Stanza 2, Harry and the choreographers strip themselves, which is symbolic of not hiding anything from each other.

It speaks on the fact that if we want to really connects with people; we have to be like a glass they can see through. Symbolically, we should be willing to strop ourselves of all the things that shroud us from forming relationships with them. By the time the chorus of "As It Was" comes in again, both Harry Styles and the woman form connections again. They hug and lay on the floor, but they lose connections and the woman walks away. The floor drifts them apart and they are kind of like in a parallel line, running in the circle.

Stanza Three of As it was is shorter than the other stanzas and seems to serve as more of an outro. This is likely because it does not contain enough vocals or extended meaning to distinguish it as a separate stanza. Still, it discusses how the internet contributes to why people can't form connections. The heart-breaking thing at the end is that Harry Styles does not make a connection at the end of the music video, or at the end of the track.

   The Chorus Meaning of the Track:

The chorus of Harry Styles' track "As It Was" seems to be talking about how the world has changed for the worse in terms of human connection. It used to be easy to form real relationships with others, but now it is probably difficult if people don't make a conscious effort to do so. It's almost as if the world is now preventing people from having real relationships with each other.

In this world, it’s just us

You know it’s not the same as it was

In this world, it’s just us

You know it’s not the same as it was

As it was, as it was

You know it’s not the same


The lyrics of Harry Styles' "As It Was" are about two people trying to connect with each other. In the music video, we see Harry and the woman in the room together, and he tries to hold her hands but they eventually go apart. This is symbolic of the fact that they are struggling to form a connection. The lyrics "As It Was" reflect the idea that we all have our own personal issues to deal with. Even though they try to work things out by hugging, the connection is still hindered. This is symbolized by the lady sliding out of the circle at the end of the chorus in Harry Styles' track, "As It Was."

   Releasing History of the Track:

This is the track of English writer Harry Styles and released on 1 April 2022. Its length is approximately 2:47. The writers of the track “As It Was” are Harry Style, Tyler Johnson and Thomas Hull. Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson are its producers.

   Harry Styles Biography:

Harry Edward Styles was born in England on February 1, 1994. When he was 7 years old, his parents Des and Anne divorced and he went to live with his mother and sister Gemma in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. His mother remarried Robin Twist later on. Styles attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, where he and three friends formed a band called White Eskimo. Styles were the lead singer, and the band won a competition at their school. Styles worked at the W. Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel on weekends and after school.