Ariana Grande: Biography and music career

Published At: 12 February 2020 , 03:42 PM


Ariana Grande's songs are as popular as her films. Therefore, the American starlet, born in the summer of 1993, can be called a successful actress and famous singer. Despite her young age, the girl has a massive army of fans around the world. They look forward to the release of Grande's new albums and the appearance on the screen of films and series with her participation.

Singer Ariana Grande

Ariana Butera Grande - this is the full name of the star - was born in the small town of Boca Raton in eastern Florida. Her parents are creative and successful people. At the time of the birth of his daughter, his father was the owner of a graphic design company, and her mother worked as an executive director of a company that installed alarm systems and telephone communications.

Ariana Grande with brother

Creativity in their children, the eldest son of Frankie and daughter Ariana, parents welcomed and encouraged in every possible way. Frankie is a successful actor and producer today. Looking ahead, let's say that he is the producer of Ariana.

Ariana Grande in childhood and adolescence

When the daughter turned eight years old, the parents broke up. But the girl has kept warm relations and maintains both with her mother and father. After all, they made every effort so that the girl who showed acting and vocal abilities in the first years of her life would succeed. The daughter was sent to the local children's theater when she barely learned to speak. And when it became clear that the baby had extraordinary abilities, her parents transferred her to a professional theater.


Ariana Grande's music and acting career so closely intertwined that it is impossible to separate them. The voice of the talented vocalist was put by the famous Hollywood teacher Eric Vetro, who had previously made efforts to improve the vocals of such stars like Pink and Katy Perry. After his master classes, her brother took up the further career of the young artist. Grande made her debut in the musical "Annie," followed by other equally successful musical performances, "The Wizard of Oz" and "Beauty and the Beast."

Ariana Grande in the musical "Annie"

Ariana Grande's creative biography has developed rapidly. At 14, the girl cast in the Broadway musical Jason Brown "13". The director entrusted her with the role of Charlotte. For this work, the singer and actress deserved their first prestigious award - the National Youth Theater Association Award.

Success in the musical allowed the artist to continue her studies at the North Broward preparatory school. But the directors bombarded the girl with offers, which she could not refuse. Therefore, she had to study remotely and at home.

Ariana Grande in the TV series Victoria Winner

In 2010, Ariana Grande first appeared on large screens. She starred in the Danish Schneider rating serialized Victoria Winner project. A miniature brown-haired woman changed her hair color to purple, as the role required. At the same time, the girl's vocal career also developed. Together with her colleague Miranda Sings, she performed at the popular Birdland New York nightclub. She also took part in the Brain Surge rating television show.

The star's first music album came out when she was just 18 years old. It is called "Put Your Hearts Up." The disc turned out to be incredibly popular among American youth and attracted even more attention to the artist.

She did not disappoint her fans and, in the same year, appeared on the screen in the popular sitcom Winx Club: School of Sorceresses, where she played the Princess of Diaspora. And in 2012, the actress returned to the theatrical stage again. This time she sang in Desmond Child's musical "Cuba Libre" and reincarnated as Snow White in the play "Christmas Snow White."

The wave of popularity swept the young American after the release of the series "Sam and Kat," which is a continuation of two sitcoms - "Victoria the winner" and "Ai Carly."

Ariana Grande on stage

2013 was a surprisingly generous year for the vocalist. She presented her fans with two studio albums at once - "Yours Truly" and "Christmas Kisses." Critics and fans noted a pleasant change in the girl's vocals: her voice became more "adult," and her performance skills increased markedly.

It is noteworthy that Ariana Grande perfectly imitates the voice of such stellar colleagues as Britney Spears and Shakira. In 2015, fans of acting talent Grande saw her in the TV series "The Scream Queen," where she brilliantly played with Leah Michel, Emma Roberts, and Nick Jonas.

It is known that the singer and actress actively support the LGBT community and takes part in the charity foundation "The Happy Hippie Foundation," which was established by her colleague Miley Cyrus.

Ariana Grande Now

In the spring of 2016, Ariana Grande with her single "Dangerous Woman" was in the TOP 10 most popular hits of the hit chart "Billboard Hot 100". She managed to become the first singer in the 57-year history of this chart, whose main singles from three albums in a row entered the top ten TOP.

Ariana Grande Now

In the summer of 2016, the artist approved for the role of Penny in the new musical Hairspray. Its premiere scheduled for December. And in August 2016, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj sang in a duet at the MTV Video Music Awards. This is an annual music award.

The song "Side to Side" Ariana Grande advertised her new album "Dangerous Woman", which the star released at the end of 2016.

Personal life

Today, the artist entirely focused on the development of her career, which is on takeoff. But the own life of Ariana Grande also does not standstill.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean

The little beauty already had several short novels with famous men. In the fall of 2014, star fans watched the development of her relationship with rapper Big Sean. But in the spring of next year, it became known that the romance was over.

Alone, the actress and singer did not stay a year. In the same 2015th, she has seen in the company of dancer Ricky Alvarez. And again, the quick finale: in the early summer of 2016, the couple broke up. But already at the end of summer, a famous American rapper Mac Miller appeared next to Ariana.