Aretha Franklin: biography, personal life, children, songs of the singer

Published At: 19 June 2020 , 09:50 AM

Name: Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin)

Date of birth: March 25, 1942

Age: 76 years

Place of birth: Memphis, USA

Height: 165 cm Weight: 70 kg

Activity: singer

Marital status: divorced

Aretha Franklin: biography

She was called Lady Soul - she stood at the origins of this musical direction in jazz. Aretha Franklin star ascended in the 1960s and shone for several decades.

Soul means "soul." This amazing woman called a man of a great soul; next to her was always warm and cosy. When she was gone, fans and loved ones felt orphaned.

The soul is the music of poor black neighbourhoods where everyone survives as best he can. It originated in the early 1950s in Baptist churches, where it is customary to sing during a sermon, even on the streets. Aretha has been absorbing it since childhood. Once the singer will say: "It seems to me that I invented soul." Of course, she was not the author of the first soul composition, but this music came from the depths of her soul, and, thanks in part to Aretha, became famous all over the world.

From 10 years old, the girl sang in the church where her father, a Baptist priest, preached. His sermons were viral, but many parishioners said: the real pearl of the parish is Aretha.

One summer in 1956, the producer of a record company wandered into the church and heard the singing of young Aretha, who sang with a feeling of a religious anthem. He was so struck by the strength and depth of her voice that he offered to record a record. By that time, Aretha was a local star - music lovers from all over Detroit came to listen to her. Everyone predicted a bright future for her. She was only 14 years old, and she already had a child - such morals reigned in black neighbourhoods. Girls matured early, 13-14-year-old mothers were not uncommon. The young man who seduced Aretha fled, and she raised her son. Parents did not blame the daughter, helped with what they could. Together with their grandmother, sisters and nephews, they lived a large friendly family. For a couple of months, Aretha went to the studio to record songs, and the producer who worked with her was surprised: the girl is gaining weight every day. It turned out she was expecting a baby again. Although the father of the child also did not want to participate in his upbringing, the new pregnancy did not stop Aretha from releasing the record. But she finally dropped out of school: you need to earn a living, feed the children. The girl moonlighted where she had to and dreamed about a singer'ssinger's career.

To fulfil the dream, you had to go to New York. Aretha decided on this when she turned 18. Leaving the children in the care of her parents, she went to conquer the musical Olympus.

Aretha Franklin: music, songs

Aretha immediately had her agent, and, it seemed, was a stone'sstone's throw away from recognition. With her vocal abilities, she was to win the audience in two ways. But not everything went smoothly. Later these years will be called the "time of missed opportunities." Aretha performed popular songs and could not show her talent to the full. She needed a completely different repertoire, and the studio did not understand this.

The rise in popularity happened when Aretha moved to a new record company and sang a single Respect ("Respect"). This song quickly gained fame and became the anthem of American feminists. They, following Aretha, demanded respect from men! In 1968, Franklin received her first Grammy statuette for this song. The 1960s and 1970s were a golden time for the singer. Charts led her songs, she toured the United States and around the world, recorded new albums, gave interviews to top publications. Young performers tried to copy her style, even the masters imitated her. But no one could surpass the queen of the soul!. However, in the 1980s, Aretha Franklin'sFranklin's popularity began to decline along with the popularity of soul music. New times have come; there were other trends on the crest of fashion; soul melodies have lost relevance. Aretha understood that this was natural, and did not try to stimulate interest in herself artificially. For several years she went into the shadows. And in the 1990s, thanks to duets with famous performers, it regained its former glory. George Michael, Elton John, Whitney Houston and many other stars considered it an honour to record a single with the legendary Aretha Franklin. And the audience again remembered her unique voice.

Aretha Franklin: personal life

Aretha'sAretha's personal life was not just a talented singer: through her work, she fought for the civil rights of blacks. In the years of her childhood, they were considered second-class people: they could not study at the same schools with whites, they obliged to give way to whites on the bus, they were not allowed in decent restaurants and hotels. This could not but resent the freedom-loving girl, and she joined the movement for the rights of blacks at a young age. Aretha'sAretha's father was friends with Martin Luther King, and she sincerely admired the leader of the African Americans. In the 1960s, Aretha became the face of the movement; King even presented her with a special award. And when he killed, she sang a soulful ballad at his funeral. None of those present could hold back tears

In 1968, her face appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Aretha Franklin became the second African American to receive this honour. From that moment on, she was called the "Black Female Face of America" ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world.

She became a world celebrity, gained millions of fans, but never found happiness in her personal life. Aretha first married at 19, already being the mother of two children. Alas, she chose the wrong guy. Ted White was in a street gang, selling drugs and promised the young wife golden mountains. He said that he would help her become a star, But instead, she received only reproaches and beatings.

In 1964, Aretha gave birth to a son, and a couple of years later the couple divorced. The boy, like all the children of Aretha, became a musician. Growing up, he accompanied her at concerts, went with his mother on tour tours. In 1970, the fourth son of Aretha was born - she gave birth to him from her manager. Soon they parted, and one of the most successful singers again turned out to be a single mother.