Apollo Brown: Biography and music career

Published At: 10 April 2020 , 05:14 PM

Apollo Brown BIOGRAPHY

Apollo Brown is a talented Detroit beatmaker renowned for his style with generous melodic sampling and juicy drums. He mainly works with underground artists, and most of all he loves collaborative albums, for which he writes music in full, for example, "Dice Game" with Guilty Sipmson or "Blasphemy" with Ras Kass.

At the beginning of the two thousandths, Apollo met a Wu-Fam member - Bronze Nazareth - and they even created a group, but soon Nazareth's busyness divorced their fate. In the mid-2000s, Apollo Brown was severely disappointed in the music industry, but he could not see his life without creativity, so over time, he again took up the sampler. In 2007 and 2009, his instrumental albums Skilled Trade and Make Do were released. In the same year, he was offered a contract with the Mello Music Group. Since then, all at least some talented Detroit may have been drawn to Apollo, and with the best he even writes large joint projects - the last of them, recorded with Skyzoo, was released in 2016 under the name "The Easy Truth".


He began to compose music in 1996;

Studied at the University of Michigan with a degree in business management;

In 2007, he worked exactly one week as a "property inspector";

He composed the first instrumental pieces in the Voyetra program.

He is the winner of the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Championships 2009;

He is a very shy person, and music is his way of expressing himself;

He has a negative attitude to commercial music, and is firmly convinced that underground artists are the best rappers;