Anna Semenovich celebrated her 40th Birthday in 2020

Published At: 03 March 2020 , 12:25 PM

Lively, energetic singer Anna Semenovich celebrated her 40th birthday in 2020, and now she looks younger than her biological age. About how the appearance of the "brilliant" celebrity changed. 

Sports career

Anna Semenovich was engaged in figure skating for three years. During a sports career, the girl is pulled up, and her face has calm makeup and a natural dark brown hair color. In the photo in his youth, you can see the natural bend of the eyebrows.

At 21, Anna was injured and broke up with sports. Refusing from exhausting training, Semenovich became prettier, outlined cheekbones appeared.

On takeoff

Anna Semenovich in his youth (pictured left)

Charming Anna gets on television leading sports programs and changes her haircut. In makeup - an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones, which made a face brighter.

In 2003, at the age of 23, Anna joined the Brilliant group. Fans notice the singer with expressive forms.

The neckline, a dense tone and green shadows on the eyelids appeared in the image. In the hairstyle, Anna laid soft red waves, creating a personal "highlight". Off the stage, Semenovich adhered to calm shades - lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara. 

In the 2006 photo, the singer looks like an elegant girl with restrained makeup.

Anna Semenovich in the group "Brilliant" (left)

It is worth emphasizing that the scenic images of the beautiful Semenovich both in the zero years, and now left room for male fantasies. Open suits covered overhanging parts of the body, and dresses remained about knee length. There was no vulgarity in the image of Anna.

At the peak

2007 was a turning point. Anna, from a brown-haired woman, turned into a blonde. Warm nuances in light strands singled out the soloist against the background of the stellar composition of "Brilliant". Then at the age of 27 years appeared glamorous sparkling shades of lipstick on the lips. The emphasized neckline on the stage has become a visiting card for a long time in Semenovich's creative biography.

Anna Semenovich (pictured right)

Tired of touring, Semenovich leaves the group "Brilliant" and proceeds to a solo career. And later, Anna put an end to rumors and demonstrated genetic data in candid photos for Maxim magazine.

In free swimming

After a busy schedule, the singer refreshed. Hair color became calmer, and warm shades appeared in the image. Anna changed naughty curls to straight ringlets. The neckline of a luxurious 5.5 size covered with clothes. Sometimes the singer was noticed in a sports outfit that emphasized the parameters of the figure.

Anna Semenovich in the show "Ice Age."

Anna quickly gained her athletic form and started filming in ice television shows, showing the audience character and optimism. In the press, photos appeared in swimsuits, which added interest to the celebrity.


In 2016, Anna talked about using radical measures and reducing breast size. The star explained its act by heredity, in which there is a tendency to increase the mammary glands naturally rapidly. In the photo before and after the plastic, the difference is noticeable. Semenovich emphasized that she went for surgery because of ridicule.

Anna Semenovich in 2018

In 2018, she changed her image and turned into a platinum blonde, causing discussion. The parameters and appearance of the star are still in the center of close attention.

Anna accused of being overweight, hinting that she does not take care of herself. Semenovich is not discouraged and shares frames without photoshop with Instagram subscribers. Especially for fans, she organizes slimness marathons and talks about diet recipes for the holidays.

With her characteristic sincerity personally, the singer is not shy about uploading a video where she shares the results of the marathon without makeup in a tracksuit. Followers emphasize that Anna is a real woman with tremendous energy.

Anna Semenovich in 2020

Now, in 2020, at the age of 40, Anna uploads photos on social networks in the clothes of predatory leopard prints and sexual images. And winter celebrity outfits are a stylish blue color in a city casual. With a height of 169 cm and with a 6th breast size, the star claims that a Russian woman only gets more beautiful over the years.

"Everything needs to be done high," Anna Semenovich urged on the eve of the anniversary, calling the girls not to lose faith in themselves. Positive blonde welcome emoticons and words of admiration.