ANIKV: biography, personal life

Published At: 28 July 2020 , 06:00 PM

Name: Anna Purzen

Date of Birth: April 29, 1995

Activities: Participant in the TV project "songs on TNT."

Place of Birth: Tbilisi city, Georgia

Growth: 167 centimeters

Weight: 52kg

ANIKV is the author's pseudonym of Anna Purzen, a participant in the television project on the TNT channel "Songs." The young singer became famous for her unique timbre and striking musicality. The girl performs almost all musical compositions in the soul style.


Anika is a young soul-style singer who captivated the audience with her unique timbre and incredible musicality on the Songs show. Little known about this girl - she is just starting a serious musical career. However, Anika's songs have conquered the fans of the genre and ensured her popularity at the beginning of her career.

Before popularity

Anna Purzen was born into an intelligent family, where her father was an architect, and her mother was a doctor. When the girl was six years old, she and her parents moved to Moscow, where she went to a secondary school. It is worth noting that Anya began to get involved in music from early childhood, but this hobby did not support her parents. After graduating from secondary school, Purzen enters the Moscow State University of Technology and Management. K.G. Rozumovsky at the Faculty of Graphic Design. Also, Anya studied at the Moscow Institute of Architecture at the Department of 3D animation.


Anna took her first steps in music while still at school - for some time, the girl played in a rock band with friends. She wanted to perform; however, like many aspiring musicians, Anika did not know where to start.

An accident helped: while walking around Moscow, the girl saw street musicians playing a song by the group "Oasis." Having coped with the embarrassment, Anya went up to them, talked, and left her phone number. The very next day, she played with them, delighting passers-by with her unusual timbre and vocal technique. Anika sang far from the most uncomplicated compositions - on the streets, she performed songs by Amy Winehouse and Erica Badu.

Street music in Moscow can generate significant income if the performers are talented. Once Anna and her friends earned 20 thousand rubles in 3 hours. To celebrate the success, young people went to a chic restaurant. Then the future star realized that her favorite business could also become a source of income.


Anna Purzen's musical career began at school, where she was a soloist in a school music rock band. However, after entering university, the girl's musical career was interrupted for some time.

And then one day while walking along the Moscow streets, Anya met street musicians who sang a song of the musical group "Oasis." After talking with the musicians, Anna left them her number, and the very next day, the girl became one of the members of the street group. It should be noted that Purzen performed compositions that were quite difficult for a beginner, among which were songs by Erica Badu and Amy Winehouse.

Thanks to the vocal abilities of the newly arrived member Anna, the street music group began to make good money. On one ordinary day, Purzen's new friends were able to earn more than 20 thousand in a few hours. Rubles. After that, the young girl concluded that being passionate about music is not only a favorite thing but also a way to earn decent money.

Realizing this, Anya began to combine her studies at the university with performances on the stages of Moscow clubs and restaurants. The young singer becomes a member of the SOUL KITCHEN project, which popularized in search of soul music performers.

Doing her favorite job, the girl earned good money, but at the same time, her fame was unfortunate. Therefore, Anna decides to post her performances on social networks and comes up with an author's pseudonym ANIKV. After that, not only music lovers but also quite famous music performers, including Oksimiron and Basta, became interested in the work of Purzeny.In October 2018, ANIKV recorded its first track called "Damn," for which a video clip was later filmed. It should be clarified that the shooting of this video took place in the hometown of Prutsen - Tbilisi, and subtitles accompanied the words of the song in the video in Georgian.

However, the real celebrity ANIKV got thanks to the TV show on TNT "Songs," in which the girl amazed not only viewers with her vocal abilities, but also the jury of the project.

Personal life

It is known for sure that Annam Pruzen is not married and has no children. At the same time, according to the girl herself, she has a loved one with whom she will live her whole life.

Interesting Facts

  • at the end of 2019 ANIKV fans will have a new album;
  • the established celebrity loves to travel to quiet and cozy cities.