Alsou Safina: Biography and music career

Published At: 06 March 2020 , 02:26 PM

Alsou Biography

Alsou Safina is a famous singer who, with her unusual and gentle voice, was able to win the hearts of many.

She was born on July 27, 1983, in the city of Bugulma. Her family always respected Muslim laws, they were considered respected and wealthy people: father Ralif Safin is a senator of the Altai Republic, and her mother is a professional architect. The singer in the family still has two brothers: Marat (senior) and Renard (younger).


Until 1992, a famous singer with her family lived in the Tyumen region, where the weather was very cold. Air temperature at any time of the year reached -45 degrees.

Alsou began to study music when she was five years old. Parents bought their daughter a piano, and she promised that she would be an exemplary student. The girl attended music school every day, crossing the whole city, while she lived on the outskirts.

In 1991, the singer's father held the position of vice president of the Lukoil Oil Concern. Immediately after this, the whole family moves to the capital of the Russian Federation, where Alsou continues his musical education.

A year later, the girl moves to the United States, where her journey through Denmark begins, Alsou visits Copenhagen.

In 1995, Alsou began his studies at the famous British MPW College in London. Here she studied the basics of business, mathematics, and painting.

In 1997, the singer returned to the capital to her parents, but soon again departed for London.

For the first time, a girl sings a song in a summer camp, where she was relaxing with friends. The camp was in Sweden. For the girl, it was a significant event. Exactly five years later, she sings a song by Whitney Houston at her siblings' wedding, after which her mother's friend offers to show the girl to the famous producer Valery Belotserkovsky.

After listening to the producer admits that Alsou has an incredible talent. Here she meets popular and famous people.

The image of "Lolita"

In 1999, when the girl was only sixteen years old, she starred in her video for the song "Winter Dream." The producer of the footage relied on the mini version of Lolita by writer Nabokov. The clip brought incredible singer popularity.

Sometime later, another popular song and video called "Spring" come out. Next, the video for the song "Sometimes."

After the release of the very first solo album, a small tour took place, which included only six cities in three countries.


At the end of 1999, the singer, one of the first Russian pop stars, signed a contract for the release of seven of her English-language albums. Her tapes were distributed in thirty-five countries of the world. Simultaneously with the creative activity, the actress was trained at an English school, where she was not given any concessions.

In 2000, a famous singer went to Eurovision. At sixteen, the girl represented the Russian Federation. She took second place and became famous throughout the world.

Thanks to the famous company Universal, the singer sang in a duet with the world idol Enrique Iglesias.

In 2001, a film dedicated to the singer was released. It included clips from concerts, numerous clips, and audio recordings of songs.

Already in 2001, Alsou took an active part in the 13th World Music Awards, and she performed with the honorary title of the best-selling singer of the Russian Federation.

In 2011, Alsou became the owner of a large bank in Russia under the name Local Credit.

In 2013, the singer made a fantastic video for her new song, "Stay."

Today, Alsou participates in major concerts, charity, and also devotes a lot of time to his family.

Personal life

In 2006, the singer began to meet with a major businessman Yan Abramov and marries him. The first daughter of the couple was born on September 7, 2006.

On April 29, 2008, Alsou gave birth to her second daughter Mikkeli. The family lives happily raising children.