Alina Eremia: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 February 2020 , 03:13 PM

Alina Eremia is a relatively famous Romanian singer, actress, and TV star. I was able to become famous thanks to my talent and participation in many creative competitions, including the children's version of Eurovision.

  • Date of birth: December 15, 1995
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth: Buftia city (Romania)

Before popularity

Alina was born on December 15, 1993, in a beautiful town called Buftia. Her parents are - Daniela and Nicusor Eremia. In addition to herself, her younger brother, Mircea, was also raised in the family. Alina began to study music from an early age, as from childhood, she had a unique talent that was developed by her beloved mother. At school, the girl studied very diligently, and more than once became the center of attention due to her beautiful singing, not a single event was held without her participation. So the days passed, filled with many opportunities to show your talent and tell the world about Alina's main dream. The girl aspired to her goal almost from an early age, she attended particular vocals, studied independently at home, attended competitions and did not cease to believe that one day she could connect her life with the scene forever.

After school, Alina decides to enter the George Koshbuk National College at the Faculty of Philology. Having conquered this peak, the girl ultimately decides to give herself more creative study and decides to enter the National University of Theater and Cinema named after I. L. Karadzhale. Thus, the girl becomes a certified actress.


Alina managed to make her debut as a singer only at the age of five. It was at this age that parents noticed the natural talent of their daughter and decided to try her hand at one of the creative contests called "Abracadabra," wherein the end the girl was able to take an honorable third place. For the first time, it was an excellent result, and it was after him that the parents and Alina decided to move in this direction, improving and developing the girl's vocals. Thus, many different competitions began to follow, in which Alina took part and won. So, Alina's fame began to spread with lightning speed, which contributed to not lousy advertising.

True, the most significant project in Alina's early biography was her participation in the Junior Eurovision 2005. The young singer was able to have the honor to represent her country at the largest singing competition in the world. The girl performed a song called Ţurai and, thanks to her charm and talent, she was able to take fifth place. Even though she was not able to enter the top three, she still remembered the jury and the audience for a long time. After that, Alina decides to give herself to collective creativity and joins the Miracol group. At this time, she also studied at the Bucharest School of Arts and studies all the subtleties of playing musical instruments. This is followed by her collaboration with the Romanian company Disney, which ultimately allows her to voice in Romanian characters such as Pocahontas and Belle from the animated film Beauty and the Beast.

Also, from 2011 to 2014, she played the main role in the musical series called "Bet with Life." Together with the leading actors of this project, the Lala Band group was also created. In addition to this, the girl was also able to lead a solo career and release many works, of which the song "Te cunosc de undeva!" was able to take its rightful place in the charts of the country. The girl was also able to take part in such shows as "Dancing with the Stars" and in the Romanian analog "One to One," thereby taking second place.