Alexey Vorobyov / Russian musician Biography and filmography

Published At: 28 June 2020 , 07:09 AM

Alexey Vorobyov was born in Tula. His father, Vladimir Viktorovich, worked as the head of security at the enterprise, and his mother Nadezhda Nikolaevna, a housewife, devoted her whole life to family and children. Alexei loved football very much and played as part of the Tula youth team; he thought at one time to become a professional athlete.

At an early age, parents sent the boy to a music school. Alexei, like his older brother, played the accordion. At the time when classmates were running in the yard, Vorobyov sat for hours at a tool. Even then, he understood that to achieve something in life; he had to work always. The young musician took part in various competitions, won a victory. But at a particular moment, Alexei suddenly realized that something was missing in his life: "I made my first and most important decision myself, but my parents were against it. At the age of fifteen, I quit playing accordion and decided to sing. They didn't understand why am I giving up what I gave up nine years of my life because I was already a person with a profession; at least I could work in an orchestra or get a teacher. My parents thought so. But I went to a music school not as an instrumentalist, and on a specialty "the leader of the folk choir." I remember my mother said in horror: "Are you going to sing like an old grandmother now?" In 2004, Vorobyov became a soloist in the Tula folk ensemble "Uslada." A year later, he won a gold medal in the "Vocal" category at the Youth Delphic Games in Ryazan. 


Aleksey understood that one should not stop there, and one should move on. "I didn't have a plan to conquer Moscow, and I caught a glimpse of it from the bus window, coming several times to contests and competitions. But I believed: the chance would appear. And it appeared. At 17, I heard that Russia's TV channel announced the casting on the "The Secret to Success." Arriving at Ostankino, I found there was the darkness of the same applicants, but I was not afraid at all, but, on the contrary, was inspired and as a result, passed the selection. For several weeks I was shown on one of the main channels of the country. I was in seventh heaven with happiness! "Recalls the artist. The project gave Alexey invaluable experience and opened to the audience a new artist. But most importantly, the singer met with the producer Katerina Gechmen-Waldek,


After winning the "Secret of Success" competition, Alexey entered the vocal department of the Gnesins Variety and Jazz School. He is young and successful. In 2006, the record company Universal music Russia signed a contract with him. In the same year, the singer performed the official anthem of the Youth Eight at the G8 countries summit.

After graduating from music school, Vorobiev enters the course of Kirill Serebrennikov at the Moscow Art Theater School. About this time, the singer says: "Once I went to try on the VJ on MTV, and got ... the main role in the youth series ("Alice's Dreams"- approx. Ed.). Then I had no idea what the acting profession was, how "I didn't understand anything at all, how to play, but I did not doubt that I could handle it. Nineteen years old, and again I had to start from scratch, learn a new profession. I started acting and went to enter the Moscow Art Theater School." But due to the significant employment in 2010, the artist was forced to stop his studies. 


Having made his debut on the screen in 2006, Alexei continues to act in films to this day actively. With his participation, movies and series released: "Unfinished lesson," "Scythian gold," "Phobos. Club of fear", "In the forests and on the mountains," and many others.


The first love of Alexei was Julia Vasiliadi - a colleague of the artist in the ensemble "Uslada." Their relationship ended after Vorobyov moved to Moscow.

The artist was in a short relationship with Anna Chipovskaya, Oksana Akinshina, and Victoria Daineko.

Now Alex is free. About what his chosen one should be, he argues: "There are no particular preferences, but it is important for me that the girl has a sense of humor and self-irony. I like to joke around myself and the people who are nearby. And my friends in particular, Therefore, if already on the first date she begins to take offense at my jokes, forcing me to say "well, you're a bunny, I've just joked ..." - we won't be able to be together. If the girl is ready to accept my irony and also worthy to parry in response, that's fine. "


  • Alexey began to work at the age of 13. He and his brother were guarding a non-ferrous metal warehouse.
  • In December 2007, the singer at the UN World Youth Council's meeting chosen as the Goodwill Ambassador; later he was responsible for the UN AIDS programs in Russia
  • Has a tattoo, which is an exact copy of the drawing of the wing of Leonardo Da Vinci - the prototype of the aircraft. 



"I'm Capricorn at all. It should be either excellent or nothing. If I, working as a director, see people on the set who are doing their job poorly, taking their wrong place, sitting on their pants, they genuinely infuriate me. You can't do my job well; then it shouldn't be here. It's better to take someone who will, like me, plow on the result. My parents set a condition for me in childhood: study as you like (only so that they don't cause them to blush), do whatever but in what you choose as your primary business - be the best!