Alexander Revva - biography, information, personal life

Published At: 17 June 2020 , 06:01 AM

Name: Alexander Revva (Aleksandr Revva) 

Middle name: Vladimirovich 

Birthday: September 10, 1974 (45 years old) 

Place of birth: Donetsk, Ukraine 

Height: 176 cm Weight: 92 kg 

Zodiac sign: Virgo ( characteristic ) 

East horoscope: Tiger 

Career: Comedians, Russian actors

Alexander Vladimirovich Revva. Born September 10, 1974, in Donetsk. Russian showman, actor, TV presenter, singer. Alexander Revva was born on September 10, 1974, in Donetsk. His ancestors are Estonians; earlier, their surname was Erva. But, having moved to the Donbas, they decided to change it to Revva. By the way, because of the name in childhood, Alexander was teased by "Roar-Cow." His ancestors are people with amazing talents. So, the maternal grandfather played the button accordion and, for many years, was a professor at the Donetsk Conservatory. But the main thing: he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as he was able to multiply six-digit numbers in his mind in a few seconds. Mother Lyubov Nikolaevna Racheeva lives in Sochi, soloist of the Kuban choir. And besides, she's also a magnet man: on her chest, she can hold twenty spoons and a frying pan. He has a twin sister, Natalya, who lives in Donetsk, an English teacher. His parents divorced when he was only six months old. "In principle, I understand the problem - why they broke up. Because they were completely different people in terms of energy and terms of social status. But it so happened that already about six months ago, my sister and I were left alone, i.e., with mom, "he said. In childhood, he was engaged in ballroom dancing with his sister. He also learned to play the guitar and do tricks, some of which he invented. Participated in amateur performances, as a rule, with humorous numbers. When Alexander was ten years old, his family moved to Khabarovsk, where his mother opened her club. Alexander and Natalya also worked in it - they led a dance club. But two years later, the family returned to Donetsk, in which he graduated from high school.

Alexander Revva in his youth

After school, he studied at the College of Industrial Automation, then graduated from the Faculty of Management of the Donetsk State University of Management. For some time he worked at the mine as an electrician. Since 1995, he became a member of the KVN "DonGAU" team (Donetsk), since 2000 - a member of the KVN "Burnt by the Sun" team. To earn money, Revva often sold his jokes and scripts of humorous numbers to other organizations. From 2006 to 2013, he was a resident of the Moscow Comedy Club. After a break in 2015, he returned to the TV show. In "Comedy Club," he performs with Timur Batrutdinov, Garik Martirosyan, Andrey Rozhkov, and Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov, as well as with single miniatures. Together with Andrei Rozhkov, he led the NTV channel program "You're Funny!" under the pseudonym Arthur Pirozhkov. 

Arthur Pirozhkov and Quest Pistols - Revolution

December 25, 2010, the opening of a joint project of restaurateur Dmitry Orlinsky and Alexander Revva - "Spaghetteria," located in a two-story mansion near Tverskaya Street. From November 3, 2013, to January 26, 2014, he hosted the "Repeat!" Show on Channel One. From March 3 to May 26, 2014, he was one of the jury members of the TV show of the First Channel "One to One!" He was the producer of the animated series "Kolobanga", which was shot in Orsk (Orenburg Region) for the STS channel. Repeatedly starred in films (usually in comedies) and the comedy magazine "Jumble". Height of Alexander Revva: 176 centimeters.

Personal life of Alexander Revva: 

The wife's name is Angelica. They met in 2004 at a disco in Sochi. As the artist recalled, to attract attention, he spent all his money on a limousine, on which he drove Angelica home. The wife of Revva, Angelica, said: "Speaking of what exactly he took me from ... Probably, with his determination and self-confidence. He merely by all his actions showed that you are mine, you will be with me and you have no choice. He left me no chance. "In 2007, when Angelica was in her third month of pregnancy, they got married. In the same year, they had a daughter, Alice, and in 2013, their second daughter, Amelia. The artist said about the secret of family happiness: "Angelica and I never shout at each other, do not insult, each of us is a strong personality, and sometimes in an attempt to defend our point of view there may be some debate on elevated tones, but the fuse usually passes quickly, and we always try to discuss everything without emotion calmly. After all, a family is at least two people, which means at least a dialogue. It is essential to resolve all domestic hardships mutually.