Alexander Pavlov(Pabl.a): Biography and music career

Published At: 27 February 2020 , 03:29 PM

Alexander Pavlov was born on August 5, 1994, in Kyiv. Today she is a famous rapper and hip-hop in Ukraine, who participated in such shows as "Voice" and "Songs." Often his songs can be heard on the TNT channel.

Before popularity

Passion for music by Alexander began at the age of 12. He very often heard his friends rap and eventually tried to rap in Russian in his performance. The basis of his work was the fact that Alexander lived in a disadvantaged area. Here, the guys were very involved in street fights, painted graffiti on the fences, and raped in various ways. In 2013, Pabl. A moved to Moscow, where he became a student at MGIMO, and nevertheless continued to get involved in music. Even though the parents of the young man did not share his hobby, nonetheless, they did not prevent him from studying these musical directions, which later helped him become famous.


Pablo's popularity came with the release of his albums such as "My City" and the songs "Welcome," and "Here-and-there," which were recorded in 2015 but were released two years later. It is worth saying that rapper Pabl.A, continually improving their performance to the highest level. He has the correct enough speed, and the rhythm of his lyrics is so captivating that he completely immerses the young artist in the world of creativity.

He writes that he knows well. This album, its audience, is rated 5 points, and all this corresponds to the rating of the artist's creativity on music channels. Pablo's album has a lot of famous singles, and thanks to one of them "Phoenix," he became famous and went on to the second routhe the show "Songs," which broadcast on TNT. As noted by the famous rapper Timati, Sasha has a very interesting modern style of rap reading, which simply delights the audience.

At this show, Alexander did not want to talk about his tragic fate, but the judges pressed and had to put everything in truth. A large amount of time the performer spends on the creation of his musical works. His track "Young White" was recently released, based on which a clip shot., Which is gaining popularity on the Internet.

Personal life

As for his own life, Alexander, for a long time, met with the participant of "House 2" Nastya Kyushkina. The guys often attended social events partying. As many of his fans note, he is a man of iron will and despite the terrible accident that occurred in 2017, where not only a pedestrian but also a passenger of Pablo suffered.

The rapper lost two legs, now he has prostheses, but this did not in the least cool his ardor to live and to rub. Now almost nothing is known about his personal life, and the rapper is trying not to advertise it especially.

Interesting Facts

Alexander leads a healthy lifestyle. He believes that you should not drown your life in alcohol and drugs. While a person is young, it is necessary to conquer the mountains and strive to create the beautiful. This young man has a massive number of followers on Instagram, and many of them are waiting for new Pablo tracks to enjoy his work.

Recently, Alexander opened his recording studio in Kyiv to create his masterpieces. On his VK page, you can listen to such music labels as Street Dreams, as well as Phoenix, Space, Earth, Sleep, Intro labels. As noted rappers, Timati and Yegor Creed note that many of his labels allow you to "boil young blood" and attract a large number of fans to such creativity.