Alexander Krasovitsky - Biography and Career

Published At: 04 June 2020 , 06:32 AM

Career: musician, poet, singer

Date of Birth: June 8, 1972 Twins

Age: 47 years old

Place of Birth: Magnitogorsk, USSR

Family status: divorced


Alexander Krasovitsky seriously became interested in creativity after 25 years, which did not prevent him from becoming widespread. The singer captivated the audience with the ability to create high-quality music, as well as a sincere and soulful performance.

Childhood and youth

Alexander Krasovitsky was born on June 8, 1972, in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk. As a child, Sasha was a calm and obedient child; he did not cause parents any unnecessary trouble. He studied diligently, read a lot, and was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling.

In the early years of the biography, the future celebrity began to show a talent for creativity, and adults insisted that he attend a music school. Krasovitsky sang in the choir, but did not feel any cravings for music and wanted to connect life with science.

Therefore, after graduation, Sasha went to St. Petersburg, where he studied at the Faculty of Sociology. While studying in graduate school, the guy was at a concert of a famous rock band, which changed his views. Then Krasovitsky realized that his place was on stage, and not in the auditorium.

Personal life

Little known about the musician's personal life. In his youth, he was married, a daughter was born in marriage. But after Krasovitsky decided on a radical change in his life, he left his family and began to engage in creative work. The man maintained a warm relationship with his ex-wife and, as far as possible, participated in the heiress's education.

In 2012, Alexander had a short affair with singer Maxim. The artists recorded the joint track "Live," which they shot a spectacular and sensual video, and performed on the show "Evening Urgent." As a result, the relationship did not work out, and later the man dedicated the girl an entire album from the repertoire of Animal Jazz.


The artist took the first steps to popularity as part of the Aqua Vita group, which was performed in the soft rock genre and then was a member of Vegetative. But the artist managed to attract the attention of fans only after the creation of the Animal Jazz band, which announced itself at the end of 2000.

After that, the singer became a regular participant in music festivals, including Wings, Invasion, and Maxidrom. He gathered crowds of listeners, captivating them with an exciting timbre of voice and a vivid manner of performance. In parallel, he maintained a blog dedicated to little-known rock bands.

The breakthrough of Animal Jazz took place in 2006 when their songs Step Inhale and Arabica used as soundtracks for the Russian film Graffiti. During this period, the vocalist actively invited for interviews and autographs. No less famous were the compositions "Three Stripes" and "In the Kitchen," which included in the tracklist of the series "Margosha." During his work with the team, Alexander released 10 number and five acoustic albums, performed at the opening act of Linkin Park. All these years, the group managed not only to create high-quality music but also to be attractive to the public, to organize actions and events. For example, at the presentation of the record "Keeper of the Spring," one could get a tattoo with its symbol.

It is not surprising that the participants received compelling returns and soon thought about using crowdfunding to raise funds for the release of albums. The first embodied this venture in 2013, and in subsequent years they repeatedly enjoyed the support of fans in the replenishment of discography.

Despite the success, Krasovitsky did not abandon the idea of ​​creating a parallel project, which he successfully implemented in conjunction with the keyboardist of Animal Jazz, Alexander Zarankin. The duo was called Zero People and became the embodiment of emotions lacking in the leading group. The songs filled with melancholy, anxiety, and darker in sound. Fans especially liked "Let me go," "The Wall," and "Silence," recorded with Tosya Chaykin.

Another parallel project of the artist was Lemurianz, created jointly with Alexander Nekrasov. He appeared in 2016, marked the track "Being Together." The video for the song starred actress Polina Tolstun.

Alexander Krasovitsky now

At the beginning of 2020, vocalist fans were seriously concerned about the news that their idol had an accident. The celebrity's car skidded on a snowy track, but, fortunately, Alexander was almost not injured. He hastened to reassure the fans and wrote that such a trifle could not become an obstacle to the continuation of the tour. In the spring, part of the speeches had to postponed due to a pandemic of coronavirus infection. In April, Krasovitsky gave an interview for Our Radio, where he said that he was not going to be bored in quarantine, but was actively engaged in creative work. Together with "Animal Jazz," he conducted an online concert, and also released the tracks "Cosmonauts" and "About Bread and Water," and with the song Zero People introduced the song "Temple."

Now the artist continues to delight the audience with his music. He shares his success with fans on Instagram, where he publishes photos and talks about the news.


With Animal Jazz

  • 2002 - Animalism
  • 2004 - "Stereo love."
  • 2004 - "Like People."
  • 2007 - Step Inhale
  • 2009 - The Egoist
  • 2011 - Animal Jazz
  • 2013 - REM sleep phase
  • 2015 - The Guardian of Spring
  • 2018 - Happiness
  • 2019 - Time to Love

With Zero People

  • 2011 - The Catcher of Silence
  • 2014 - The Jedi
  • 2016 - Beautiful Life
  • 2018 - Beauty