Adit Gauchan Is Leaving Horrorshow: ‘It Will Stay With Me Forever’

Published At: 25 May 2022 , 11:21 AM

One half of Horrorshow, beatmaker Adit Gauchan has announced his departure from the hip hop duo following an upcoming tour.

In a touching post, Gauchan detailed his decision to step away from the group, which also features MC Solo (aka Nick Bryant-Smith)

“The last 14 years I have spent in Horrorshow have been very special to me,” he said. 

“A lil rap group we started in high school took me all over the country, around the world, to arenas, to award shows, introduced me to tens of thousands of new people, paid my bills, and most importantly fed my soul. 

“Between seeing countless Horrorshow tattoos inked on people’s skin, to hearing every word of our songs sung back to us at each show, I know Horrorshow has meant so much to so many of you too. 

“What’s more I got to do this with my brother and best friend, Solo, who I used to run around with when we were 13, sharing earphones during lunchtime, showing each other the latest music that was letting our imaginations run wild. How have I been so lucky?”

“I’m truly grateful for what we have shared. It will stay with me forever.”

Gauchan did confirm that he will “still be involved behind the scenes in the studio”, but outside of that will be taking on a “different challenge”.

Horrorshow’s tour kicks off this Friday in Sydney.

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