Action Bronson: Biography and music career

Published At: 10 April 2020 , 05:21 PM

Action Bronson BIOGRAPHY

Arian Aslani, better known as Action Bronson (Action Bronson) - a cheerful white man of impressive size, reminiscent of flow Ghostface Killah and adhering to similar views on hip-hop. Initially, he did not think about a hip-hop career, comprehending the art of cooking, but over time his friends prompted him to think about his career choice seriously. In 2011, after a broken leg, Bronson decided to take rap seriously. The relevance of the approach was manifested in the fact that Action began to do large projects with individual beatmakers - the debut album under the full production of Tommy Mas, then mixtapes with Statik Selektah and Party Supplies.

Bronson easily stamped enough high-quality material in just a year, so that by 2012 they would pay attention to him. Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's manager, signed him to his management company Goliath Artists, introducing Bronson to The Alchemist. After that, he appeared on a pair of iconic features and was found by Warner Bros. Records. In the same year, a joint teip was released with the same Alchemist. In 2013, he released a release for the Harry Fraud beats, and powerful feats with Raekwon, Wiz Khalifa and Prodigy ensured the attention of the general public. A video released in the same year on the track "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" quickly became viral - now they began to recognize Bronsolino not only by voice but also by face. The year ended with a new mixtape with Party Supplies, and the rapper's first studio album was announced.

In 2014, he toured a lot, and also recorded an album, and now, in 2015, the long-awaited "Mr Wonderful ." At the moment, work is underway on the album "Human Highlight Reel" and the release of "Blue Chips 7000".