A Petition Has Launched For A B2B Set Between DJ Albo And Adam Bandt

Published At: 24 May 2022 , 10:05 AM

If the federal election couldn't get any weirder, a local Sydney/Eora based punter Nick Allen has launched a petition to see DJ Albo and Adam Bandt go back to back for a 5 hour long DJ set.

The newly crowned Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese and Greens leader, Adam Bandt were unified in their mission to remove The Coalition from government over the weekend. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate for them to trade songs behind a pair of turntables.

"Australia’s parliament has changed forever. This is a turning point in the future of our nation. To celebrate this monumental occasion wouldn’t it be epic if we witnessed another turning point: Bandt B2B Albo," Allen wrote on the petition.

"Just imagine: you’re in Sideways bar down in Canberra, Albo and Bandt just finished up a week in the office, they stroll on in around 10pm, play a 5 hour set, you start crying, tears of joy, it’s history in the making, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, it’s Bandt B2B Albo.

"I know both the Prime Minister and Mr. Bandt are going to have a lot going on over the next few weeks, but perhaps with the support from the young citizens of this nation they will listen to us once again and take us on a journey of one of the greatest nights of our young adult lives.

"I have no idea how this will work - I’m hoping a venue or promoter can come through and support this idea to make it became a reality.

"Let’s make this happen. Let’s bring DJ Bandt and DJ Albo to the stage LIVE."

Anthony Albanese's musical alias DJ Albo has become a cult followed side project for the politician, having performed at the Corner Hotel in Richmond in 2016.

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