A homophobic lapster or a man with a big heart? The amazing fate of Eminem

Published At: 16 February 2020 , 06:07 PM

Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world: more than 110 million copies of his albums have been distributed worldwide, not including digital recordings. But in his biography, many exciting moments are not related to music at all. Today, the artist is 47 years old!

Why Eminem

The boy, born October 17, 1972, in Missouri, was named Marshal Bruce Mathers III - in honor of his father Marshal Bruce Mathers, Jr. However, after a few years, the mother, along with Eminem, escaped from her abuser husband, and he no longer communicated with his son.

At the age of 14, he read rap from the stage with a friend and called himself M&M - short for name and surname. Soon, the pseudonym Eminem emerged from this abbreviation. A few years later, he got another name - Slim Shady.

Hard childhood

Eminem grew up in the black quarter of Detroit, is one of the few whites. Of course, classmates do not miss the opportunity to make fun of him and once hit the toilet so much that he was two days in a coma. In addition, he was repeatedly beaten in different rooms of the school and thrown snowballs.

One of the main instigators of fights - D'Angelo Bailey - sued Eminem in 2001 for the song Brain Damage, where he portrayed a case of beating. Interestingly, that their guilt Bailey never acknowledged, considering, that the right classmate taught a lesson. And the most exciting thing is that to this day, he works as a sanitation worker in Detroit, and Bailey's children are fans of his victim's work!

During his studies, Eminem changed about twenty schools. As he became increasingly interested in music, his studies ceased to fascinate him. In the penultimate class, he sat for three years in a row, after which he quit studying and went to work - and compose music.

Complicated personal life

Despite belonging to the musical bohemian, Eminem can be called monogamous. In 1987, at the age of 15, he met a girl named Kimberly Anne Scott, who was then 13, and very soon, she and her sister ran away from home and settled with him.

In 1995, they had a daughter, Haley Jadd Scott, and in 1999 they got married.

A year later, there was a nuisance: June 4, he found, as a wife kissing in the parking lot with some man. Without thinking twice, Eminem pulled out a 9 mm caliber pistol and pointed it at the guy. He was offended and sued, the singer given two years of probation.

In the same year, Kim Mathers attempted to take her own life, just as her husband performed in concert in Detroit. Nobody did understand the reasons, on which it is decided on Kim just said, that "to be a place better than this."

Eminem reacted to this as follows: "When something good happens, wait for trouble. This is how my whole life goes."

But just then, the name of Eminem rattled the whole world!

Accusations of homophobia and not only

The 1999 album The Marshall Mathers LP was the most successful in his career - and caused a flurry of criticism from many listeners who saw homophobia and intolerance in the lyrics ( aside from foul language and insults). It reached the point that at the award ceremony "Grammy," Eminem made a duet with Elton John so that no one suspected him of homophobia.

With the following albums, such problems also arose, but Eminem always assured the public of tolerance.

In 2003, he suspected of speaking out against the US president because of the lyrics of the song We as Americans, but the matter did not reach the prosecution.

Own mother and wife accused him at different times are, that in the songs, he mistreats them. For example, Kim, in the song, dedicated to her, Eminem, all killed. The musician said that the work is separate from real life and do not need to see in his texts the double meaning.

Father of many children

In 2001, tired of enduring his wife's behavior, Eminem divorced her to get married again in 2006. But two months later, they divorced again - and both longers tried not to marry or to each other, or anyone else.

Eminem raised his daughter, who is now 23 years old. In addition, he decided to take a serious step and adopted Whitney, the daughter of Kim, from other relationships. And at the same time - Alainu, daughter of Kim's sister. He has no direct kinship with both, and he ensured a decent standard of living for both, far from prying eyes.

However, he raised not only three girls: in 1996, he took custody of his half-brother Nathan Kane, his mother's son, from other relationships. According to doctors, she had Munchausen syndrome: she was treating her youngest son for nonexistent diseases.