A $ AP Rocky: Biography and music career

Published At: 26 March 2020 , 04:53 PM

A $ AP Rocky Biography

Rakim Myers (A $ AP Rocky), who was named after the famous rapper Rakim, was born in the hot-tempered area of ​​New York - Harlem. As usual, with guys of similar regions, life has not been going well since childhood. Rakim had to be fed, and therefore his father was selling drugs, but the business did not go, and he went to jail. The troubles in the rapper's family did not end there, and, a year later, his brother was shot dead right outside the house. Rakim was fond of rap since childhood, and at the beginning, he only made beats, by the way, very good, and then he began to hone his MC skills.

Introducing A $ AP Mob

At the age of 16, Rakim decided to live entirely on his own and moved away from his mother living in different parts of the city, but eventually moved to New Jersey where he lives to this day. In 2007, he met with the guys from the group "A $ AP", which subsequently prompted him to take the pseudonym A $ AP Rocky. Rocky is also known as the producer of "Lord Flacko" and plays a big role in the team, making not only beats for all gang members but also shoots music videos.

Beginning of Star Trek

Rocky's popularity was brought by the single "Peso," which quickly spread and hit the major radio station "Hot 97" and played every day. The rapper realized the chip and immediately shot a clip-on "Peso," as well as on the new track "Purple Swag." The video clips caused a great stir and led to the fact that Sony / RCA offered Rakim a contract for $ 3 million, which he could not refuse. In October 2011, Rocky released the mixtape "LiveLoveA $ AP," which was very pleased not only by fans but also by critics, whose reviews were also quite positive. Radio station "Hot 97" played the song "Goldie" on the air for quite some time.