7 facts about Avril Lavigne that you did not know

Published At: 25 February 2020 , 02:32 PM

About childhood

Avril Lavigne has been addicted to singing since childhood. The girl sang in the church choir, where she developed singing skills. Also, the celebrity often earned money: sheared bushes and was a nanny for neighboring children.

About the image

Avril Lavigne at the beginning of a career

In 2002, releasing the album Let Go, Lavigne became famous throughout the world. Unusual was not only her work but also the image. The Canadian positioned itself as a kid girl, skated and was friends exclusively with boys. Partly, the girl's preferences were influenced by the fact that as a child, she had to carry things after her brother.

About Collections

Now the image of Avril is becoming more feminine, as well as hobbies. The singer admits that she loves to cook, so she has a collection of various aprons at home. Besides, the home of the punk princess is filled with the attributes of the Japanese brand Hello Kitty, to whom she dedicated a whole song from the studio album "Avril Lavigne."

About cooking

Avril Lavigne

The love of cooking, the singer finds practical application. On tours, she cooks for her entire team. Her specialty is homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli in a sage sauce. A star does not like food with a lot of spices - such food causes her heartburn. Lavigne is also allergic to milk.

About personal life

Avril Lavigne was married twice. With her first husband, Derek Whibley, the star divorced in 2009. In 2013, the celebrity was married to Nickelback frontman Chad Krueger. At the ceremony, the bride was dressed in a black dress, a dark veil, and was holding a bouquet of the same mourning color.

Then the fans were shocked by the photo from the event, and many noted that getting married in black is a bad omen for the bride. Indeed, already in 2015, the couple announced a breakup.

About the disease

Now the star is persistently engaged in creativity, gives concerts, shoots new videos, records songs, but recently she was on the verge of life and death. The star spent several months in bed due to Lyme disease.

It is noteworthy that the girl set the diagnosis for herself. Doctors advised her to "just get out of the couch and sit down at the piano," attributing the symptoms to common fatigue or depression. The treatment began only when Avril herself told experts about her suspicions.

About fans

Avril Lavigne today

The struggle for life became the main theme of the latest album "Head Above Water," and Avril Lavigne admits that faith in God and the support of fans helped her to stand up. By the way, she has a special relationship with fans. The singer cherishes the audience and, for many years, carefully stores all the letters that fans send by mail.