5 facts about Kate Lel that you did not know

Published At: 25 February 2020 , 02:44 PM

On a visit to the "green men."

Katya Lel claims that she has three times witnessed a visit to the Earth by alien guests. According to the singer, the first time this happened in 1990 when aliens visited her in her native Nalchik intending to take them with her. However, Lel managed to persuade visitors to leave her alone. Instead of the girl, uninvited visitors took her teeth with them. And in return, Katya got the ability to foresee the future and heal people with her hands.

An interesting fact: the singer has repeatedly applied superpowers in practice. Including to cure his costume designer who was injured when falling from a bicycle. Then, thanks to the intervention of the star, it was possible to do without surgical intervention - the injured arm was healed.

Enrique's throat

Another exciting moment from the singer's biography: in 2000, Katya Lel helped recover Enrique Iglesias, who at that moment spoke with his songs at a concert in the Kremlin. True, in this case, there was no supernatural intervention, if not to consider as such a successful combination of circumstances.

Lel just returned from London, where she took vocal lessons from Helen Shenel. The teacher recommended the singer to use drops based on grapefruit juice to soften the ligaments. These drops, which were on hand at Katya at the right time, helped Enrika to cope with the pain in her throat.

Love is still burning

Katya Lel with her husband

Since 2008, Katya Lel has been married by Igor Kuznetsov. Despite the past years, the star claims that she is still in love with her husband as much as she did when the relationship began. The singer considers the wedding ring presented with a narrowed engraved with engraved on the back to be the best present. Although in the first place, of course, is the daughter of Emilia, who was born in 2009.

"The role of a lover will destroy me."

Katie Lel's personal and professional life was not without unpleasant moments. The singer began to build her career with the help of the late producer Alexander Volkov. However, for a man, it was not enough to limit himself solely to business relations, even though he was married. The singer could not withstand the role of her lover.

The girl told Alexander that she was ready to live with him, but only as a wife. The producer did not agree to such a step. Also, he tried to limit as much as possible the charges of the ward, having resorted to litigation. Katya, for four years, defended the right to perform her songs - the struggle eventually ended in victory. The singer could forgive the previous producer-only ten years after he passed away.

Dangerous fan

2016 was not an easy year for the star. Katya Lel got an unknown fan who bombarded the singer with letters in which he forced him to perform the songs he wrote. The man reinforced the demands with threats to both Catherine herself and her family and friends.

The initial appeal to the police did not give a result - they refused to start the case due to the lack of corpus delicti. Then the woman addressed personally to the top police leadership. This measure was beneficial - an unrecognized songwriter was found within a week and a half.